Mr Nick Coogan

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BSc (Hons)    Chemistry with Pharmaceutical and Forensic Science

MRSC   Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry

Nick spent nine years with the Forensic Science Service in the UK carrying out police forensic work. He was trained in methods of forensic investigation and in preparing and presenting written and oral evidence for courts. He dealt with over 1000 cases and was awarded a Judge's Commendation and a Chief Constable's Commendation during his time there.

In 2009 Nick joined Hawkins and now specialises in the investigation of fire and explosion incidents. He has carried out over 450 investigations in a wide range of domestic, commercial, industrial, agricultural and marine settings worldwide. These have included manufacturing and storage premises, construction sites, shopping centres, hotels, residential tower blocks, oil refineries and power stations, recycling and automotive centres, industrial machinery, air-handling ductwork, ships and vehicles. Causes of fires have included the failure of high and low voltage electrical equipment, faults in electrical appliances and lithium batteries, self-heating, hot work, arson and gas explosions. He has considerable experience of cases involving product recalls, public liability and product liability on behalf of corporate and insurance clients.

Nick also carries out investigations in a variety of other fields, including chemical incidents (such as material degradation and product damage), electrical incidents (such as electric shock), warehouse racking collapses, contamination assessment (such as water contamination of stock or equipment), engineering-related incidents and escapes of water and other fluids.

Nick is experienced in the legal process, having prepared numerous reports for litigation purposes, and has given evidence in court as an expert witness on many occasions.

Nick has been based in our Dubai office since 2015, having previously spent six years in our Cambridge office.

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