Peter Reupke - Profile

How did you come to join the company?
I had worked in research on combustion and gasification. Following an incident, a consultant (not from Hawkins) came and arrived at a completely inappropriate solution. I felt that I could do a better job and approached a loss prevention consultancy. From there, it was a logical step to investigating real incidents rather than preventing them.

What was / is your ambition?
My ambition was always to have an interesting life and this job has certainly helped with that.
More practically, I have been competing in short course triathlons, but I would like to complete the full Olympic course, i.e.:
  • 1500 metre open water swim
  • 40 km bike
  • 10 km run
If you could be anything other than human for a day what would it be?
A cat. You can laze around all day with no responsibilities but everyone still loves you!

Any podcasts on your iPod? If so, which?
No iPod!

Cycling, both touring and triathlon. My wife and I prefer credit card touring where we set off without a lot of equipment. At around midday we decide how far we are going to get that day and phone ahead to book an hotel and a nice meal. Very civilised.

What is your favourite: comedy, drama or musical?
My favourite performance would be comedy, so long as it well done. Otherwise I enjoy drama.

Favourite place to holiday and why?
France for the wine and food
Italy for the people and the scenery

What would you do with £1m?
Buy a 40 ft yacht, the lightest and best racing bike and have enough over for a holiday home in the Caribbean.

What CD are you currently listening to in your car?
Nothing, the CD player is broken. I MUST get a new car...
My favourite CD of the moment is Ethiopiques. It is a compilation of Ethiopian jazz and funk from the 1970s, including the Ethiopian equivalent of James Brown!

Who is your hero, and why?
It is Richard Trevithick, who appears to have had a rough deal in that he invented the first high pressure steam engine but he was hampered with intellectual property legislation by James Watt.

He also invented the first steam car which did not fall over on corners. He and his friends were so elated by their first test run that they repaired to a local hostelry to celebrate, leaving the car running outside. Unfortunately, Richard had not invented the safety valve and the boiler burst when it could no longer cope with the build up of pressure. I imagine that this rather put a dampener on the celebrations but, on the bright side, the need for a safety valve became apparent.

Beer, wine or water?
Has to be wine, French of course and preferably Chinon.

What unusual items do you carry with you?
A bottle opener on my key ring - for purely medicinal purposes!

Do you play a musical instrument?
Classical guitar which I learned as a child in Argentina with a Senor Velasques

What was the last book you read?
The Dispossessed by Ursula Le Guin - a story about a man who leaves the moon where he lives in an anarchist community to visit the nearby planet - which is much like earth was during the Cold War.

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