Bristol Office Runs Second Sucessful CILA Escapes of Water CPD Event

After running an event at Hawkins’ Reigate Office earlier in the month, Claire Luckhurst of CILA (pictured next to Dr Patrick Barbour in the title photograph) helped to organise a second CPD event at our Bristol Office for more CILA memebers looking to demystify claims relating to escapes of water in luxury properties.

Escape of Water Presentations

To begin the activities, Dr Barbour and Mr Andy Bryce gave presentations on escapes of water in luxury properties, similar to those given in the Reigate Office CILA event. Dr Barbour went into depth about how many different kinds of plumbing parts and fixtures Hawkins investigators have seen in escape of water claims, and included some of the recovered damaged pipework, labelled with their individual failiures, for participants to inspect up close.

Following the presentations, Mr Wayne Manton led the CILA members in a group laboratory competition to see who could replicate an exemplar configuration of pipework, and have it withstand the highest water pressure during testing on a specially-made manifold. CILA members worked in groups of four or five to tighten joints, route pipework through a tight space (as is often the case when we investigate property claims), and even solder connections (with the guiding supervision of of Mr Manton, of course).

Wayne Manton Leads the Activity

 When the constructions were tested, one failed at less than 1 bar. As Wayne continued to raise the water pressure the constructions failed sequentially until two remained water tight at about 40 bar. The pressure was increased slightly again and one of the remaining constructions started to leak, allowing us to declare a winning team, which comprised CILA Members Adam Clutterbuck, Douglas Murphy, Glenn Cotton and John Duffy.

Winning Team

If you would like to schedule a presentation at your office, or find out when the next Hawkins Event is happening near you, please contact us

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