Celebrating 10, 20 & 30 Years With Hawkins

We would like to congratulate four of our hardworking employees on their work anniversaries and commitment to Hawkins throughout the years.

Dr Nick Carey—10 years

Sara Mayes—10 years

Jane Norton—20 years

Dr Andrew Moncrieff—30 years

Dr Nick Carey is an electrical engineer and fire investigator in our Reigate Office, who joined Hawkins in June of 2012 after 27 years with the London Fire Brigade. Nick has investigated many high-profile, large incidents as part of multi-agency teams, including the cause of the Cutty Sark fire in Greenwich. He has lead electrical training sessions for Hawkins’ investigators, ‘Forensic Fun Day’ demonstrations for Hawkins’ clients, and has also investigated many shipping fire and explosions overseas.

Left: Dr Carey in 2021

Right: Dr Carey leading a ‘Forensic Fun Day’ educational workshop in 2018

Sara Mayes is a secretary at our Bristol Office, who started in May 2012, and is celebrating ten years with Hawkins.

Left: Sara taking part in archery at the annual Hawkins company meeting in 2018

Right: Sara in 2017

Jane Norton is a secretary at our Cambridge Office, who started with Hawkins 20 years ago, and has worked alongside some of Hawkins’ original, founding investigators, and worked closely with the Board of Directors.

Left: Jane in 2021

Right: Jane in 2017

Hawkins’ Managing Director, Andrew Moncrieff, has now been with the company the longest of this month’s honourees. He joined Hawkins’ board in 2006, became MD in 2013, and has carried out countless investigations of both domestic and international fire-related claims. Andrew has also conducted a number of geological investigations into serious crimes, including the Soham murder enquiry, for which he was recently featured in a documentary on the BBC.

Andrew says:

Hawkins has been very good to me. The work is endlessly varied and challenging, and the people are interesting and stimulating. I have never once found myself looking at my watch and wishing it was time to go home.One of the most striking things to look back on after 30 years is how much has changed but how the actual work is still pretty much the same. The world around us is almost unrecognisable. Compliance, security, computer systems, processes for everything and a regulatory framework that would have seemed laughable in 1992. But underneath all that, when a new instruction comes in, the buzz is the same and so is the need for care and sympathy when dealing with people who have suffered a loss.

The toys are slightly different. A mobile phone instead of a pager, but in East Anglia, we still have many areas of no reception! The cameras look very similar, although we no longer stick prints onto paper for our reports, and a notebook is still very much a notebook. Above all, the methodical enquiry, combined with instinct and intuition that hopefully leads you to the correct answer is still very much unchanged.

I’m looking forward to a few more years of trying to discover “Why?”.

We would like to thank Nick, Sara, Jane and Andrew for all of their efforts and ideas over the years, which have helped in countless investigations.

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Celebrating 10, 20 & 30 Years With Hawkins

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We would like to congratulate four of our hardworking employees on their work anniversaries and commitment to Hawkins throughout the years.Dr Nick Carey—10 years Sara Mayes—10 years Jane Norton—20 years Dr Andrew Moncrieff—30 years Dr Nick ...

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