Hawkins' 2021 Webinars: Civil Engineering & The Built Environment

Our experts have created a list of topics within the Building, Civil & Structural Engineering disciplines to inform and engage viewers with details about exactly how they investigate several issues within the built environment.

All talks take place on Thursdays at 9:00 AM UK Time.

Click on any of the following webinar titles that you wish to register for! If the date has passed and there is a recording available, the link will take you straight to this instead. Please feel free to register for as many topics as you like. We hope to see you there.

You can also check out our London Series running from 20th April to 7th May.

➡️ Civil Engineering & Related Disciplines: What do they do? And When Do I Need One?

Presented by Andrew Reeves on 14th January 2021

A Potted history of civil engineering and the related disciplines that have emerged from it. Discusses the range of subjects encompassed, and will assist in understanding what specialist is required. Will introduce the other webinars.

➡️ Underground Swimming Pools: Basement Drainage Issues

Presented by Richard Keightley on 21st January 2021

An overview of the requirements of the Building Regulations in relation to drainage from basements, and case studies of failures that have resulted in flooding of basements.

➡️ A Smashing Material: Glazing Failure Investigations and How to Crack Them

Presented by Bernard Travers on 28th January 2021

An introduction to various types of common glazing failure, including: impact, edge damage, thermal shock, and inclusions--and what to do when one is discovered.

➡️ Why Do You Need Temporary Works in Construction?

Presented by Richard Giles-Carlsson on 4th February 2021

An overview of the recommended procedures involved in the management of temporary works on construction projects, with some examples when it was overlooked.

➡️ Construction Sites & CDM

Presented by Paul Hughes on 11th February 2021

Construction accidents/failures and how the CDM regulations define the roles and responsibilities of the Dutyholders.

➡️ The Use of Drones & Laser Scanners in Forensic Investigations

Presented by Andrew Reeves on 18th February 2021

How laser scanners and drones can be used as powerful imagery tools as part of a forensic investigation benefitting both insurance claims and litigation.

➡️ When Beauty is Only Skin Deep: Cladding & Façade Failures

Presented by Bernard Travers on 25th February 2021

A review of structural cladding failures, including wind loading, water ingress, and warning signs to look out for.

➡️ Management of Lifting Operations

Presented by Richard Giles-Carlsson on 4th March 2021

An overview of the management of lifting operations during construction projects and some examples of failures.

➡️ A Picture of Sound -- The Use of Acoustic Cameras

Presented by Ros Lambert-Porter on 11th March 2021

An overview of what an acoustic camera is and how it can be used to identify noise sources and transmission paths.

➡️ Water Divining: Finding Unknown Sources of Water Damage

Presented by Richard Keightley on 18th March 2021

This webinar will give examples of some of the techniques and technologies we use to trace and confirm source(s) of water damage.

➡️ Tree-Related Subsidence Claims: An Expert's View

Presented by Andrew Reeves on 25th March 2021

A review of the causes of clay shrinkage subsidence and the management of tree-related subsidence claims.

➡️ Blow Me Down: Surprising Wind-Induced Failures of Buildings & Structures

Presented by Ian Major on 1st April 2021

An explanation of the numerous factors influencing wind load on buildings, and some case studies illustrating how wind-induced structural failures are usually caused by a problem with either the design or construction.

➡️ Building Cracking: Excavations, Bad Vibrations & Thorough Hawkins Investigations

Presented by Bernard Travers on 8th April 2021

How to identify the causes of problem cracking in a building--due to movement, humidity, or foul play.

➡️ Bridge Failures

Presented by Paul Hughes on 15th April 2021

A discussion of bridges and how any design shortcomings can affect their purpose.

➡️ The Cost of Poor Acoustics in Buildings

Presented by Ros Lambert-Porter on 22nd April 2021

A General overview of how acoustics in buildings can result in unusable spaces.

➡️ What Do Hydrologists Do & When Do I Need One?

Presented by Richard Keightley on 29th April 2021

An introduction to the various investigations a hydrologist can assist with, including case studies. Examples include: rainfall return period analysis, flood modelling, and groundwater analysis.

➡️ Understanding Fire Safety & Identifying Potential Failures in Design, Construction & Management

Presented by Sarah Hooton on 6th May 2021

A discussion of fire safety requirements in the design and construction of buildings, as defined by the Building Regulations in England and Wales, with reference to other applicable legislation, such as the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order. This will include examples of failures seen in Hawkins' investigations.

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We've Added 3 More Webinars on The Built Environment

5th May 2021

We have added three more webinars to our Civil Engineering & The Built Environment series to take place this month in May 2021!All talks take place on Thursdays at 9:00 AM BST. Click Here To Register If the date has passed and there is a recording available, ...

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Grahame Brant Joins Hawkins as New Health & Safety Manager

28th Apr 2021

Hawkins is pleased to welcome Grahame Brant as he joins us as our new Health & Safety Manager. He will be working closely with our Health & Safety Director, Andy Bryce, and based in the Cambridge Office. Grahame’s career started in the print industry ...

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Hawkins Now Offers Forensic Architecture

26th Apr 2021

Hawkins would like to announce our new offering of Forensic Architecture services, as well as the joining of both Sam Morley and Alastair Ferguson as Senior Associates within the company. A forensic architect can help insurers, building owners, and legal ...

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James Clarke Joins Hawkins' Fire Engineering Team

21st Apr 2021

James Clarke joins Hawkins after graduating with a first-class honours degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Huddersfield in 2017 and subsequently working in as a fire engineer. Since graduating, James has worked in a number of industry ...

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Hawkins' 2021 Webinars: The London Series

6th Apr 2021

Our colleagues in the London Office have created a series of webinars from clothing damage to corrosion, contamination, crash test dummies and many things in between! All talks take place at 9:00 AM UK time.If the date of the webinar has passed, a recording ...

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