Hawkins Flooding Seminar/Webinar

In Hawkins’ first combination seminar/webinar, Investigators David Reid Rowland and Richard Keighley (both of the London Office) gave an in-depth discussion of water damage and flooding claims. David discussed property damage arising from both failures in building tanking (waterproofing) systems and domestic water services, while Richard covered failures in basement drainage and property flood resistance measures, including the prospects for recovery from widespread flooding incidents.

Data from the Association of British Insurers indicated that for 2018, 31% of claims were related to escapes of water. 

Types of Domestic Property Insurance Claims

David covered the importance of a working fitting, which must provide both mechanical restraint and a water-tight seal. He spoke about compression fittings and push-fit joints, which are a common cost-effective and easy to install fitting, before demonstrating how to make one. Marks left on pipes during a fitting’s installation are the best clues investigators have to establish the reason for a fitting’s failure. Material defects and abnormal pressure can also affect a fitting’s strength on pipework. 

Richard and David Present Basement Flood Protections

Richard is seen here speaking about basement drainage protection measures. He demonstrated the difference between a pumped system and an anti-flooding valve. During normal conditions, the pump system will pump water over a ‘backflow loop’, and the valve system will drain via gravity. Drainage from above ‘flood level’ (usually ground level) should not drain through protective measures. The basement is still at risk of flooding if the pump system fails, but also if the valve either fails to close properly or stays closed for too long. Both systems, of course, require maintenance.

Hawkins is happy to host more webinars in the future, but may record them in advance for the best quality experience, so as not to flood our own servers and systems. 

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