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Over the past few months, Hawkins’ engineers have travelled and attended events around the globe, from seminars, to conferences, to charitable activities. After a winter, we would like to acknowledge everyone who has taken the time out of their busy casework schedules to attend talks, participate in charitable activities, and ensure Hawkins was part of several great events around the world. 

Richard Giles-Carlsson in Singapore

Richard Giles-Carlsson, of Hawkins’ Manchester Office, gave a presentation titled What Investigations Can Reveal for the AICLA Singapore Networking Event. He gave a civil engineer’s perspective of how design and/or installation issues can lead to incidents and damage claims. He is pictured standing next to Andrea Ilie from MDD Forensic Accountants, who also gave a speech titled Issues to Consider When Dealing with Stock Losses.

John Holland's White Goods Seminar

John Holland, of Hawkins’ Glasgow Office, gave a training presentation on fire investigation in claims involving white goods and lithium ion batteries. During Mr Holland’s presentation, covering a fire in a dishwasher, a dishwasher in the building actually happened to ignite. The building was evacuated, during what was probably Hawkins’ greatest coincidence to date. 

Chris Wareham at Commercial Claims  Training

Dr Chris Wareham (Hawkins Dubai) and Oliver Thoma and Adam Humphrey (Advanta, London) participated in a Commercial Claims Management training course run by the global reinsurer SCOR at their Paris headquarters. Together, they presented on the technical and political challenges that forensic investigators and loss adjusters often face when appointed by insurers in various jurisdictions. They also explored the various avenues by which a claim might progress towards completion, depending on the precise cause of the loss and the wording of the policy.

Dr Nick Carey at the Yacht Fire Seminar

Hawkins collaborated with Charles Taylor Adjusting Yacht Practice and Penningtons Manches Cooper to host a yacht fire seminar at the Old Library, Lloyds Building, Lime Street, London. David Boghurst, John Strange and Dr Nick Carey (of Hawkins’ Reigate Office) gave talks. The themes of the seminar were the value of team work and the importance of collecting evidence when undertaking investigations. The seminar also focused on safety on Super Yachts, as well as firefighting strategies whilst at sea.

Nicola Fallowfield-Smith & Dr Andrew Prickett at University College London

Nicola Fallowfield-Smith and Dr Andrew Prickett (both of Hawkins’ Reigate Office) recently gave a seminar for engineering students at University College London. In order to engage the students, the presentation included an online voting system for pupils to weigh-in on the possible causation of a hypothetical engineering failure. After hearing witness evidence case by case, Nicola and Andrew had the students choose between whether the Main Contractor, Sub Contractor, Hire Company, or Manufacturer of failed equipment was at fault, based on the evidence provided. The presentation then shifted focus to conclude that a forensic investigator’s role is to discover why the failure occurred, rather than to place blame on a specific party. The evidence should speak for itself in terms of the mechanism of failure, while only a Court can truly determine the party responsible for that issue.

Hawkins' Cycling Sponsorship

And finally, we would like to acknowledge Liz Smith (who is married to Russell Smith, Regional Manager of our Bristol Office) who participated in a 4 bike ride to Paris, in order to raise funds for Bristol’s city centre hospitals. Liz’s team has raised over £750K over the last 5 years of bike rides to Paris. Liz raised almost £3K this year, with support from Hawkins and some stylish Hawkins team uniforms.   

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