Hawkins Hong Kong is Back in the Office!

Our colleagues in the Hong Kong office have recently had the pleasure of seeing some normality return to their lives. As residents of Hong Kong return to offices, markets, restaurants and small social gatherings, Hawkins’ Hong Kong ushers in new Regional Director, Nico Zurcher to help them get back on track. Though he started his life at Hawkins in 2011 in the Hong Kong office, Nico moved to London in 2015 before returning to Hong Kong earlier this year.

Dr Chun Chan (left) is proudly sporting the Hawkins polo shirt, while Nico (centre) speaks to clients over Microsoft Teams, and support staff Iris and Debbie (right) catch up on accounts together. Though work has never truly stopped, our colleagues still take care to alternate the days they will be in the office, and no one is currently able to travel overseas. Their labs and equipment are reportedly as clean and organised as ever.

Nico says, “Life in the city continues remarkably normally. The tubes and buses aren’t the usual full-to-bursting but there’s still plenty of people moving about. Restaurants are open, but you need to be sat two meters apart because every second table has a big X taped on it. Before you can go in you need to have your forehead temperature checked with an infrared thermometer, and you’re obliged to give your hands a decent rub with some premium-strength alcohol. I’m probably having my forehead temperature scanned five times a day. Practically everyone is wearing masks outside, it feels decidedly strange to see someone not wearing one.”

The ban on non-residents entering HK persists, but it might ease in two to three weeks. When it does, the Hong Kong office is also looking forward to having Luke Collins join them.  

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