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Acoustics Engineering

Acoustics and noise are important considerations in many sectors including architecture and design, industry, health and safety and the environment. 

Building Acoustic design consultation

Where design consultation is required, we are able to work with the designer from the conceptual stage through to post-completion testing. This may include:

  • Advice on the regulations and British Standards that apply to the development and the best way to achieve them
  • Party wall and floor insulation modelling and assessment
  • Review of detailing to prevent flanking transmission
  • Room acoustic design for control of reverberation within work and learning environments
  • Open plan office acoustics design for enhanced productivity and wellbeing
  • Design for confidentiality

Environmental & Industrial Acoustics

Hawkins performs Noise Surveys and Noise Impact Assessments to help with the following situations:

  • Discerning ambient noise levels in order to mitigate environmental impact
  • Predicting noise levels emitted by plant, machinery, or events, where Local Authorities may require this information
  • Assisting in supporting claims of Noise Nuisance, whether the noise comes from an industrial source or antisocial behaviour
  • Investigating notices served by the council
  • Carrying out Noise Impact Assessments

Planning Disputes

Planning disputes related to noise and noise nuisance cases can be difficult and technical to resolve without a thorough investigation, whether it is for an appeal against planning refusal or arguing against planning permission. We understand how disturbing noise can become to residents, impacting their quality of life. We are equally aware of the harsh restrictions which may be placed on industry due to the individual sensitivity of complainants.

Where disputes arise through failure to meet the standards and regulations, we can offer:

  • Review of the robustness of acoustics reports and design advice
  • Review of tender documentation in determining correct specification for the achievement of the relevant requirements
  • Sound insulation and reverberation testing and comparison with the relevant requirements
  • Solutions for retrospective mitigation and improvement in confidentiality

Occupational Noise & Vibration

We can undertake an assessment of your work environment, which may include simple spot measurements or personal employee assessments in order to keep employees safe from potential hazardous work conditions. Injuries such as noise-induced hearing loss and hand-arm vibration syndrome can arise from constant exposure to industrial levels of noise, or use of certain tools and equipment, such as jackhammers. Hawkins can assess working conditions in order to satisfy the Control of Noise at Work Regulations and Control of Vibration at Work Regulations.

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