Contamination & Pollution

Most of our contamination losses are commercial, although on occasions we have been called in on large or particularly complex domestic losses. We are experienced in the following types of contamination assessment:

  • Post-fire
  • Post-flood
  • Leakage of water, oil or chemicals
  • Land contamination
  • Asbestos
  • Product spillage

Even a small fire can create smoke contamination across a relatively large area, sometimes through sealed doors. Water damage can cause mould spores which can be injurious to health. These can spread from the original source causing increased damage and cost if it is not identified and dealt with. Our work includes assessment of contamination of:

  • Buildings
  • Machinery
  • Stock
  • Domestic goods
  • Food
  • Clothing


Our service is the scientific assessment of:

  • The extent of contamination
  • The type of contamination
  • The best method of cleaning
  • Whether cleaning or restoration is required at all or in part
  • If so, whether the cleaning is required as a consequence of the insured event
  • Whether contaminated equipment is beyond repair
  • Independent assessment as to whether the cleaning/refurbishment work has been done to the appropriate standard required to restore the pre-fire condition.


Samples are taken from various parts of the building or stock and analysed scientifically to ascertain their precise nature. It is then possible to 'map' the samples to show how the contamination varies across the building and to show those areas which are contaminated by the insured event, and those which are not.  In the majority of cases we are able to complete our analysis on site, thus allowing appropriate decisions to be made and any remedial work to be undertaken with the minimum of delay.

In many cases we find that the schedule and method of proposed cleaning is fair and accurate. Equally, however, we often find that the schedule includes all of the building when in fact much of the building is either clean or, if dirty, it is not as a result of the incident.

There is sometimes a conflict regarding whether machinery can be cleaned or must be replaced. An insured party will normally favour replacement even when cleaning can be undertaken successfully. On the other hand a cleaning company might wrongly advise that equipment can be cleaned when this is unlikely to be successful.

Often a manufacturer or service agent will have concerns that they cannot guarantee the performance of equipment after cleaning. The insured may have concerns as to whether stock is completely unaffected.

We will advise on who is correct.


Our service saves not only direct costs but also indirect, consequential losses. Correctly identifying and cleaning contaminated equipment at the time of a loss will save downtime and potentially costly further disruption of production at a later date.

The delay caused by excessive cleaning can also lead to inflated business interruption losses.

Our service saves not only direct costs but also indirect, consequential losses.

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