Hydrology & Flooding

Flooding is a significant risk in the UK. The Government estimates that over 5 million homes (about 1 in 6 of all UK homes) are at risk of flooding. Economic damage from flood events has been estimated at £1.3 billion (2013-14 winter floods) and £3.2 billion (2007 summer floods).

More frequent, more intense storms resulting from climate change, and inappropriate developments in floodplains will put more people and property at risk in the future and will increase the impact of flooding. Recent research by HR Wallingford has projected that the annual flood damage to properties could increase by between 70% and 400% by the 2080s.

How can we help?

  • Investigating and identifying causes of flooding from rivers, sea, surface water, groundwater and artificial sources, such as surcharging of urban drainage systems, foul sewers, water main bursts, reservoir failure etc.
  • Assessing the contribution of other causative factors, such as the maintenance and condition of channels and structures, blockages, pump failure etc.
  • Assessing the annual probability (or return period) of a rainfall/flood event, to determine whether the flooding could have happened in the absence of any other alleged causative or contributory factors (for example, a collapsed pipe).
  • Offer expert advice on resistance/resilience measures to reduce future flood risk.
  • Assessment of post-flood contamination

Flood risk assessments

Flood Risk Assessments are required in order to obtain planning permission for many new developments, redevelopments, and changes of use in existing buildings. A hydrologist can provide this essential service.

Flood Risk Assessments include:

  • Identification of flooding risks (low, moderate or high) to a development site
  • Tailored advice on how flood risks should be managed for developers in virtually any sector-residential, commercial or industrial

Our Flood Risk Assessments follow the guidance of British Standard 8533:2017 Assessing and managing flood risk in development - Code of Practice’, which complements English/Scottish/Welsh planning policy, Environment Agency / DEFRA guidance (in England), and Technical Advice Note 15 (in Wales).

Contact Richard Keightley to discuss your requirements for a Flood Risk Assessment, or if you have any other hydrology-related matters that Hawkins can assist with. 

Why appoint a forensic investigator?

Our expert hydrologists, hydraulic modellers and civil engineers have years of experience identifying the cause(s) of complex flooding incidents. We can:

  • Support subrogation/recovery efforts
  • Establish where legal responsibility/liability lies
  • Help defend third party liability claims
  • Provide risk management advice.
Flood damaged carpet

Related Services

Our expert hydrologists, hydraulic modellers and civil engineers have years of experience identifying the cause(s) of complex flooding incidents.

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