Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Noise induce hearing loss is irreversible and may significantly impact on the lives of those who have suffered this occupational injury. Symptoms not only include a loss of hearing acuity, but also a distortion of speech and chronic tinnitus. Claims have significantly increased over the last few years and there are many new cases of workers receiving compensation each year. The control of noise at work regulations require noise assessments and health surveillance in all places of work where noise levels exceed the action levels. 

Investigating hearing loss

Where a claim is made for noise induced hearing loss, investigations undertaken by Hawkins may include:

  • Assessment of the noise environment within the workplace in question to determine the likelihood of a risk to health and safety
  • Review of previous noise assessments and identifying shortcomings or inconsistencies
  • Investigation of audiometric results of the claimant alongside medical and employment histories
  • Identification of comorbid exposure to other ototoxic substances within the workplace

Avoiding hearing loss claims

If a workplace wishes to avoid a claim, a full hearing conservation programme must be implemented. Hawkins will:

  • Undertake a full occupational noise study identifying noise zones and potential risks to hearing. This includes:
    • Personal Dosimetry
    • Daily and weekly noise exposure
    • Identification of noise zones
    • Assessment of the efficacy of hearing protection
  • Review or implementation of training programmes
  • Provide guidance on health surveillance
  • Recommend engineering and operational noise control measures

The control of noise at work regulations require noise assessments and health surveillance.

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