Shipping & Marine

Shipping and marine incidents can be incredibly costly, both in terms of the damage to the vessel and the resulting loss in revenue. Early intervention by an expert can help minimize damage and subsequent losses. At Hawkins we have experience of investigating incidents such as:

  • Cargo and machinery fires
  • Cargo spoilage
  • Cargo contamination
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Mechanical failure:
    • Engines
    • Crane and gantry collapse
    • Generating equipment failure
  • Maintenance issues
  • Damage within shipyard
  • Crew fault or error
  • Mis-declared cargo
  • Historical Ships
  • Yachts


Hawkins are experts in marine and shipping investigations. The main reason we are appointed is to try to establish the cause of the incident and then to assist with:

  • Establishing where legal liability lies
  • To consider if there are relevant contributory factors
  • To attempt to avoid further incidents of the same type
  • To ascertain if there are prospects of recovery from parties other than those instructing us
  • To help defend liability claims.


With offices in the UK, Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore, we are able to immediately mobilise following an incident to assess any damage, provide advice on possible clean-up measures and undertake detailed investigation into the cause of the incident. Obtaining witness evidence is usually the first step in establishing a narrative of events and is often important in determining the cause. We use the latest technology in our investigations.

 A typical investigation might include:

  • Taking statements from the crew and witnesses
  • Inspection and examination of the vessel, cargo and equipment
  • Consideration of shipping manifests and other relevant documents
  • Laboratory examination of exhibits
  • Daily updates to clients
  • Prompt reporting
  • Providing expert witness testimony.
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