Forensic Architecture

The role of the architect sits at the heart of the construction industry.  In many projects, the architect is responsible not only for the design of a building, but also for the coordination and management of that design and the large team of consultants engaged by the client.  Understanding this role can often be key to understanding why a defect exists in the completed building.

Why Instruct a Forensic Architect?

Our analysis can help insurers, building owners, and legal advisers determine the cause, effect, and liability for defects in the design and construction of the built environment.

Examples include:

  • Determining root cause of condensation and mould around windows resulting from thermal bridging.
  • Assessing performance of an architect in relation to the design of fire compartmentation in a fire damaged building.
  • Assessing compliance with Part J of the Building Regulations in relation to a house fire resulting in non-compliant open-fire installation


How Does Hawkins Investigate an Architectural Issue?

The team has a wide knowledge of construction techniques, sectors and building contracts, and is experienced in using the latest technology, such as Building Information Modelling.  In addition, we are able to draw on the experience of Hawkins' team of in-house technical experts in a wide range of disciplines, including civil, structural, geotechnical and fire engineering.

We use a combination of site inspection and document review to:

  • Assess the adequacy of the design, and its compliance with planning, building regulations, fire safety and accessibility standards.
  • Review the content and development of design drawings, construction information and specifications.
  • Assist with inspection duties, assessing the quality of workmanship and the implementation of the works on site.

Our architects are experienced in evaluating the complex information surrounding construction projects and are able to clearly explain their analysis to clients.

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