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Acoustics Consultancy

While the field of acoustics and vibration engineering might seem a narrow one, the number of issues that might arise as a result of failing to consider it is wide.

Hawkins’ group of expert acoustic and vibration engineers and consultants provide a broad range of services to meet our clients’ aspirations across a range of sectors. From simple noise surveys and noise impact assessments to investigation of acoustic shock and complex building failure claims, we provide a wide range of acoustics and vibration related services such as design, simulation, modelling, noise mapping, assessment, and testing.


Our experts have in-depth technical knowledge and experience as both consulting engineers and expert witnesses. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent technical advice in a down-to-earth and approachable way, effectively communicating complex concepts in plain English. Each project is viewed through a new lens, and we make sure we understand what is important to our clients before delivering an acoustic design or solving a problem.

  • Our experts can assist with design, from concept through to delivery, from carrying out initial surveys and assessments of noise and vibration impact through to pre completion acoustic testing (such as Part E compliance testing).
  • We are experienced in delivering acoustic design to exacting standards to comply with the Building Regulations, BB93 (acoustics in schools), and BREEAM (HEA 05 and POL 05).
  • All spaces are assessed or tested with a view to establishing and, if necessary, correcting noise transfer in or out of buildings or between spaces (such as offices), reverberation, speech intelligibility, privacy, and acoustic comfort.
  • Using unique methods of assessment, specialist measurement equipment, and modelling software, we are able to provide input into the design or assessment of acoustically critical spaces, such as recording studios, gyms, and laboratories.
  • We are also able to assess the impact of ground-borne or structure-borne vibration into buildings which might affect sensitive equipment.
  • Hawkins employs a range of experts in health and safety, including noise and vibration experts, audiologists, and health and safety professionals.
  • We can carry out measurements and assessments to satisfy the Control of Noise at Work Regulations or the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations.
  • We are also able to design a full hearing conservation programme to ensure that workers are kept safe and to assist in protecting employers from future claims.
  • Ensuring workers or occupants of a space are able to clearly hear warning signals, including voice alarms, can prevent accidents and fatalities. We are able to design public address and voice alarm (PAVA) systems and comment on their effectiveness. We can also assess tonal signals, such as fire or equipment warning alarms, to determine the clarity with which they can be heard.
  • Hawkins consulting engineers frequently provide evidence in support of planning applications. Through assessment of noise and vibration impact, as well as prediction through modelling, we are able to establish noise impact on new developments, or from new mechanical plants (in accordance with BS 8233 and BS 4142).
  • We prepare reports suitable for submission with planning or licensing applications.
  • New plant or equipment installations can cause noise and vibration nuisances. We investigate both the cause and extent of the nuisance and, in the case of vibration damage, determine the likelihood that vibration levels could lead to structural damage.
  • Construction activities, festivals, sports events, and some industrial activities can require continuous noise, vibration, and dust monitoring.
  • We set up cloud-based monitoring and alerting, and customise reports to suit our clients’ needs.
  • We are also able to attend hearings and liaise with the local authority, assisting with Section 61 applications.
  • Given our range of expertise in the building sector, we are able to review contract documentation, the reports of acoustic consultants and other parties, employers’ requirements and acoustic designs, and provide evidence regarding where and why an acoustic failure might have occurred.
  • Vibration-and-noise induced injuries frequently lead to litigation. We are able to review documentation, take measurements, or model likely scenarios to establish the levels of noise and vibration to which a person as exposed. This includes in-ear measurements, which might be required for acoustic shock.
  • Noise and vibration nuisance claims can be very emotive for the claimant and technically complex. We use various tools to assist us not only in assessing alleged nuisance, but also in providing practical means by which it can be mitigated.
Ceiling acoustics using wooden cladding inside
Workman using an automatic drill in the ground, wearing protective ear defenders and hard hat

Examples of Typical cases

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Noise & Vibration Injuries

While the field of acoustics and vibration engineering might seem a narrow one, the number of issues that might arise as a result of failing to consider it is large. Our experts offer both general consulting services as well as forensic and expert witness services relating to the following:

Acoustics & Vibration

While the field of acoustics and vibration engineering might seem a narrow one, the number of issues that might arise as a result of failing to consider it is large.