How we can help

If you have an incident requiring investigation and are not certain if we can help you, please give your local office a call or email us. We are happy to give our view on whether we can help, in most cases within the initial conversation.

We have investigated losses in many different fields:

  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Domestic
  • Agricultural
  • Marine
  • Transport
  • Leisure
  • Retail

Losses we investigate occur under many different circumstances:

  • Personal injury or death
  • Damage to material property
  • Consequential loss
  • Product recall
  • Damage to brand value
  • Failure to meet specification

We are normally appointed to establish the cause of a particular incident but we can also provide risk assessment and advise on loss prevention.

Part 35 of The Civil Procedure Rules

In conducting an investigation, no matter how small, we assume that litigation will ensue. Therefore, all stages of our work are conducted with the thoroughness required to form part of a report for use in court. For civil litigation in England and Wales our reports comply with the requirements of Part 35 of the Civil Procedure Rules.

We are experienced in other jurisdictions. We also have long experience of criminal investigations and are well versed in working with defence and prosecution teams, the CPS and the Police. Our sister companies, GFI and GATR, have been set up specifically to work with the public services.

Your Next Step

Whatever the type of incident and wherever the location, Hawkins will be able to assist. Any of our scientists or engineers will be pleased to take instructions from you or simply discuss matters on the telephone and provide advice. Alternatively you might wish to send us the relevant papers to review before issuing formal instructions. Details of where and how to contact us are shown on the contact page.

We are happy to give our view on whether we can help, in most cases within the initial conversation

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