Leadership team

Hawkins was established in Cambridge in 1980 and specialises in forensic root cause analysis, expert witness services and engineering consultancy to global insurance, legal, risk management and commercial sectors.

With a recognised and growing Global presence, Hawkins provides worldwide coverage from offices in Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore, as well as eight offices in key locations across the UK.

The Board

Mr Alex Chambers
Dr Andrew Prickett
Mr Andrew Reeves
Mr Andy Bryce
Mr Ian Giddings
Dr Robert Edwards

Business Managers

Mrs Cass Skipper
Dr Claire Jeavons
Mr Graeme Drysdale
Mr John Holland
Mrs Lisa Knappett
Ms Lorraine Clennell
Mr Russ Smith
Mr Stuart Mitchell

Regional Managers

Dr Chris Wareham
Dr David Rose
Mr Gareth Dobinson
Mr Ian Major
Dr Jake Irwin
Mr Jon Watkins
Mr Jonathan Emm
Mr Luke Collins
Mr Nico Zurcher
Dr Paul Lemon
Ms Rosalind Lambert-Porter

Interested in working at Hawkins?

We are always on the lookout for talented individuals. Please contact us on the careers page if you would like more information.

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