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If you think you might have the need for an investigator but are unsure what service you might need, we can provide you with a no obligation free consultation to discuss your requirements.


Our reporting is flexible and can be tailored to your needs, depending on the scale and urgency of the investigation. Our services range from a free consultation through to a full investigation where required to formulate a clear and impartial report for the support of legal action.


Free Consultation

We are always available for an initial, confidential discussion with no commitment and at no charge.

This gives you the opportunity to explain the issue and for us to identify whether we can assist and who would be best to do so. With our breadth of knowledge, it is rare that we do not have the in-house expertise to be able to help.
  • We have 100+ experts with their own individual expertise and experience.
  • We are constantly adding new disciplines and expertise to our service offering.
  • If we can solve your problem within the call, we will do so at no charge.

Forensic Desktop Service

The aim of this service is to establish, by means of a brief desktop or laboratory assessment of the evidence, whether a more detailed investigation (at extra cost) will be of commercial value.

The service is suitable for simple losses and includes:

  • Free telephone advice to establish if further investigation is worthwhile.
  • An Assessment Report where there is insufficient evidence available to support a conclusion.
  • If requested a Forensic Desktop Report commenting on causation with recommendations for additional work.
  • Peer Review of conclusion reached.
  • Please enquire as to the latest charges relevant to this service.

Forensic Screening Service

This takes the Forensic Desktop Service one step further in that it includes a site visit; the aim is still to understand whether a more detailed investigation (at extra cost) will be of commercial value.

The service covers simple losses and will take the form of a Preliminary Forensic Investigation at a fixed cost, including:

  • Assessment of readily available evidence.
  • Site visit.
  • Forensic Screening Report.
  • Please enquire as to the latest charges relevant to this service.

Preliminary Appraisal

This consists of an initial investigation of the readily-available information, including a site visit where applicable and interviewing relevant personnel on site.

Where relevant our report will include recommendations for further work. We pride ourselves in:

  • A rapid response – typically we can go on the day of instruction, or the day after.
  • An early verbal report from site.
  • Rapid written appraisals – usually within 72 hours of a site visit.

Full Investigation

We can carry out a full, in-depth investigation, that will cover all the required areas, resulting in a full report:

  • If relevant we normally recommend a site visit.
  • We will interview key witnesses and review the key documentation.
  • Our reports are fully illustrated with figures, tables and images.
  • We are experienced in preparing CPR35 / CPR30 compliant reports for litigation purposes, if required.

Phased Approach

Where your case is large, complex or the scope not easy to define, we often recommend a phased approach whereby we start with a Preliminary Appraisal of the readily-available information…

…including a site investigation where relevant, and then progress in stages to a full investigation and report. This has many advantages:

  • We can provide more accurate fee estimates as each previous phase is concluded, which gives you more certainty.
  • You can stop the investigation after any phase if we have provided sufficient clarity for your requirements.
  • This often suits complex legal cases where an initial assessment may show that the case cannot be run on the grounds initially thought, saving both time and money.

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