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Hawkins’ Company Brochure

Whatever your physical corporate risks, Hawkins has the scientific and engineering expertise to help mitigate them.

We can assist in your risk management requirements from pre-failure prevention and risk assessment, through root cause analysis, to post-failure remediation advice. Our clear, concise and timely reports will provide the understanding you need to make the correct decisions on your risks.

We have over 120 experts in the UK & Ireland, Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore and provide worldwide service from these bases. All our experts are highly experienced forensic scientists and engineers from a wide range of disciplines with proven expertise and practical experience.

Hawkins Company Brochure Front Page

Hawkins’ Forensic Expert Directory

Hawkins is a well-established and respected firm specialising in forensic investigation and root cause analysis for the insurance, legal and risk management professions.

We are a growing company, with offices in key locations across the UK & Ireland as well as Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore, with an ever increasing number of experts covering many disciplines. 

Hawkins’ International Brochure

We have over 120 experts in Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore and the UK & Ireland and provide worldwide service from these bases. Our experts can advise, investigate, and assist at any stage of an incident, including pre-loss prevention and risk assessment, root cause analysis, post-failure remediation advice and expert witness services.

Hawkins International Brochure

The Built Environment

Hawkins can provide forensic engineering, forensic architecture and expert witness services for incidents relating to all aspects of the built environment during its design, construction, operation and demolition.

Our 20+ team of built environment experts includes a core group of civil and structural engineers together with experts in architecture, geotechnical engineering, flooding & hydrology, fire engineering, and acoustics.

Chemical Incidents

Chemical incidents can be dangerous and costly to rectify. We specialise in determining the cause of an incident and providing regulatory, remediation and reinstatement advice.

Whilst some chemicals are benign, many can pose a risk to health and the environment. Understanding chemical properties aids effective incident management, limiting damage to property and infrastructure, while assisting in remediation.

chemical incidents brochure. Chemical incidents can be dangerous and costly to rectify. We specialise in determining the cause of an incident and providing regulatory, remediation and reinstatement advice.

Digital Forensics

Our Digital Forensic experts have the technical knowledge and experience to tell you how a device or data was involved in an incident and what relevant information it contains.

Our qualified experts complete all stages of Digital Forensic investigation (DFI) models whilst conforming to ACPO guidelines and ISO standards.

Front cover for our forensic digital brochure

Escapes of Water

Escapes of water often occur over time, which can cause flooding, and lead to extensive damage. Whilst it is prudent to prevent catastrophic failures with careful maintenance, early signs of failure can be difficult to detect, as pipes may be covered by installation materials or buried underground, which might limit accessibility during the inspection.

Even the smallest of leaks can cause great damage. If water has escaped from its storage, heating or distribution system, our experts can help.

Escapes of Water Brochure Cover Page June 2023

Fire & Explosions

As a leader in forensic fire investigation, Hawkins has the necessary knowledge and experience to investigate the full scale of losses globally, and advise on recovery, liability and risk management.

At the heart of fire and explosion investigations is the interpretation of patterns of fire damage, and the consideration of other physical evidence. Hawkins’ investigators are highly experienced in piecing together the varied aspects of physical evidence to uncover the seat or seats of a fire.

Flooding & Hydrology

Our expert hydrologists, hydraulic modellers and civil engineers have years of experience identifying the cause(s) of complex flooding incidents.

We can investigate and identify causes of flooding from rivers, sea, surface water, groundwater and artificial sources, such as surcharging of urban drainage systems, foul sewers, water main bursts, and reservoir failures.

Flooding & Hydrology Brochure Front Cover - June 2023


Hawkins provide forensic engineering, investigation and expert witness services for incidents relating to all aspects of the shipping and marine industries.

We have established a highly qualified team of scientists and engineers who can provide assistance with marine incidents ranging from fire and explosion investigations, cargo problems and advice on dangerous goods, through to materials failure analysis and corrosion on board.

Hawkins Marine Incidents Brochure

Marine – When Things Go Wrong at Sea

Our team of forensic scientists and engineers can advise, investigate and assist at any stage of a marine incident, as well as provide ongoing support and guidance for the future. We support our clients throughout the investigation process, including travelling at short notice.

Materials Failure

Our diverse range of skills and expertise spans across all aspects of material failures. We can identify why a material failed, how an incident occurred and determine root cause such as human error, a design or manufacturing flaw, poor material specifications or process implementation.

Hawkins Materials Brochure Front Cover Page

Personal Injury

At Hawkins, we have the experience and expertise to consider and analyse each of the factors that contribute to a personal injury incident. Our services include pre-loss risk management to identify potential risks, forensic investigation following an incident, through to post-loss advice to reduce the risk of recurrence and improve processes.

Hawkins Personal Injury Brochure Cover Page

Plant Pathology

At Hawkins plant pathology encompasses agricultural, horticultural, forestry, marine and contamination claims. Our experts are experienced in investigating the causes of plant diseases, crop failures and spoilage of fresh produce and agricultural cargoes.

Plant Pathology Brochure Cover Page

Power & Energy

Hawkins offers a breadth of knowledge and experience to investigate a major or complex failure, looking at a wide range of factors from component design through to metallurgical analysis and to system operation and human factors.

Our team has experience of forensically investigating losses worldwide on a wide range of power generation equipment from traditional thermal and nuclear power plants through to wind, hydro and solar generation as well as emerging technologies such as battery and flywheel installations.

Power & Energy Brochure


Providing forensic engineering, condition assessment, and expert witness services for the renewable energy sector.

Our extensive group of credible power & energy experts specialise in each of the major components found on conventional and renewable power plants. Between them, they have hundreds of years’ experience in design, manufacture, operation and maintenance, working for some of the worlds largest manufacturers and operators of power plants.

Renewables front page

RTC & Vehicle Fires

Our detailed engineering knowledge of how vehicles operate and behave is invaluable when understanding how a road traffic collision occurred.

We have the largest group of Road Traffic Collision investigators in the UK, including some forensic engineers with over 30 years’ experience. Our investigators can carry out a desktop analysis, as well as a full reconstruction, enabling an accurate assessment of liability.

Hawkins RTC Brochure

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