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Fire Safety Pitfalls Arising From Modern Methods of Construction

large modern building under construction

Fire Engineer, Tom Dale, summarises the advantages of modern methods of building construction, but also some of the fire safety issues associated with them such as, poor final onsite installation, usage of combustible materials and plasterboard reliability.

Building Services: Hidden in Every Corner

Building Ventilation System

Building Services Engineer, David Edwards, will be exploring the world of building services, from the obvious such as lighting and heating, to the more unusual systems he has worked with.

Hawkins Spring Drinks Reception

The Whitworth Art Gallery Manchester

Hawkins would like to invite clients and colleagues to our Spring Reception in Manchester. We will be hosting several short CPD presentations followed by a networking reception with drinks and canapes.

Designing for Speech Intelligibility

Tony Stacey Presents at ISCVE

Principal Acoustics Consultant, Tony Stacey, will be delivering training at the ISCVE and will explain the factors that affect, and limit the speech intelligibility of a system, and how they can be overcome and controlled. Tony’s training titled: ‘Designing for Speech Intelligibility’ will take place on 27th February 2024 and, tickets can be purchased following the link below.

Lithium-ion Batteries

Burnt Out Lithium-ion Batteries

Hawkins’ forensic expert and Singapore Regional Director, Dr David Rose will be presenting an online educational seminar discussing risks associated with Lithium-ion batteries from a forensic investigation perspective, including a number of case studies.

Systemic Failure in the UK Solar Fleet

Solar panels being used to generate energy

Ben will look at three common types of failure in electrical equipment at UK solar power installations, and discuss whether the differences between ‘old’ and ‘new’ power systems and practices might have a contributory role.

Gas Turbines & Hydrogen Through the Energy Transition

A turbine rotor at a workshop

As power generation shifts to renewable energy and sustainable fuels, gas turbine engines will continue to play a crucial role in maintaining energy demand. Simon discusses the challenges and mitigations of running gas turbines through the energy transition.

Wind Turbines: Risks & Failures

Broken wind turbine blades laying on the ground

With increased demand for clean renewable energy wind turbines are growing in numbers, size and capacity. In this webinar, Amir will look at failures associated with wind turbines.