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Flood Risk Mismanagement: Why New Developments Flood

  • Principal Associate
  • 27.06.2024
  • Principal Associate

Flood damage to new developments, or during their construction, should raise a ‘red flag’ for policy coverage issues or potential subrogated recovery. In many of these cases, we find that the risk of flooding has not been adequately considered or managed by those involved in the planning, design, and construction of the new developments.

Forensic Hydrologist, Richard Keightley, introduces the relevant planning policies and industry guidance, and uses case studies to highlight where things can go wrong.

Image of construction site


Building Services: Hidden in Every Corner

Building Services Engineer, David Edwards, will be exploring the world of building services, from the obvious such as lighting and heating, to the more unusual systems he has worked with.

  • 04.04.2024 

Fire Safety Pitfalls Arising From Modern Methods of Construction

Fire Engineer, Tom Dale, summarises the advantages of modern methods of building construction, but also some of the fire safety issues associated with them such as, poor final onsite installation, usage of combustible materials and plasterboard relia

  • 18.04.2024 

Accommodating Movement in Structures & Facades

Finite movement under load or changing environmental conditions is an inescapable phenomenon in any structure. This webinar will discuss the issues that must be considered by the design team and what can go wrong during or after construction.

  • 02.05.2024 

Blowin’ in the Wind: Making Understanding Wind & Storm Damage a Breeze

Civil Engineer, Bernard Travers, delves into building failures during storms discussing factors such as wind speed, funnelling effects, and the impact of named storms.

  • 16.05.2024 

Scaffolding: Design, Construction & Common Problems

Civil Engineer, Hannah Fletcher, takes a look at the requirements for scaffolding design, construction, and management, including a review of the common problems and failures.

  • 30.05.2024 

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