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Lithium-ion Batteries

  • Principal Associate
  • 29.01.2024
  • Principal Associate
This webinar is hosted by AICLA and takes place from 10.30am – 12.30pm SGT (Singapore Standard Time)

In partnership with AICLA, Hawkins’ forensic expert and Singapore Regional Director, Dr David Rose will be presenting an online educational seminar discussing risks associated with Lithium-ion batteries from a forensic investigation perspective, including a number of case studies.

Part 1

  • Types of lithium battery
  • Construction of cells and banks of cells
  • Pros & cons of using lithium batteries
  • The causes of energetic failures
  • Fire investigation challenges

Part 2

  • Classification
  • Shipping requirements
  • Common problems encountered during shipping
  • Fires on ships
  • Fires at recycling centres
  • Case study of the proof of causation

Please join the Microsoft Teams meeting directly via the register button below.

Burnt Out Lithium-ion Batteries


Reigate Series – The Investigation of Lithium Battery Fires

An overview of the causes of lithium battery fires and how they are investigated, including demonstration videos showing lithium battery failures. https://youtu.be/MN3nIklPotY

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