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Marine Series – Understanding Soybeans & Agricultural Cargo Claims

  • Senior Associate
  • 19.04.2022
  • Senior Associate

Our Marine Incidents team have created a series of webinars on how Hawkins investigates a broad range of fires, faults and failures at sea.

Jessica gives an overview of the common causes of damage in agricultural cargoes and ways to reduce the likelihood of occurrence.


Marine Series – The Science of Cargo Self-Heating Reactions Within Shipping Containers

An overview of self-heating reactions within cargos which are transported in shipping containers and the related misdeclaration of cargo issues.

  • 26.04.2022 

Marine Series – The Dangers Of Carrying Black Gold: An Introduction To The Hazards Of Shipping Coal

An introduction to the common issues associated with transporting coal in bulk, including self-heating and the liberation of flammable methane gas.

  • 28.04.2022 

Marine Series – Container Ships: Take Two

In this webinar, Ed explains further causes of fires and explosions on containerships (other than self heating), and how to investigate them.

  • 03.05.2022 

Marine Series – The Art Of Remote Inspection

The impact of the pandemic on the manner in which marine experts conduct their investigations on behalf of lawyers, P&I, insurers and various other parties.

  • 05.05.2022 

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