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Stay Safe Whilst Travelling this Winter

Adobe stock image of car on icy road

The Hawkins RTC team investigate hundreds of incidents each year and are no stranger to the dangers of driving in poor weather conditions. Forensic expert Mike Hopwood has drawn on his experience to share some tips to stay safe whilst travelling as temperatures drop.

Hawkins Winter Events Round-Up

Hawkins Winter Events Round Up news Image

Hawkins attended over 70 different conferences, seminars and social gatherings, we welcomed 17 new experts to the business, and we hosted our annual winter receptions in London, Dubai, Singapore, and Hong Kong, allowing us to spend time with clients in person.

Road Traffic Collision Reconstructions

Our collision reconstruction experts recently attended the ITAI (Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators) Crash Day at the Darley Moore Race Circuit in Derbyshire where they observed a number of controlled crashes.

E-scooters: What could go wrong?

Join collision reconstruction expert, Mr Gavin Dunn who discusses what e-scooters are, the legal restrictions around their usage and the technical aspects to consider when investigating a collision involving them.

Using Wheelchairs As Vehicle Seats

A man in a wheelchair moves to the lift of a specialized vehicle for people with disabilities

We discuss the regulatory requirements when using a wheelchair as a vehicle seat, together with some of the technical factors involved in the event of a collision.

John Holland

Forensic Investigator/Business Development Manager John Holland

An Intel scholar, John graduated with a 1st Class Honours Degree in Mechanical Engineering from University College Dublin, Ireland in 2000. As part of his degree he developed an automatic moisture sensor for use in the peat industry for which he was awarded the Hewlett Packard national award for innovation in engineering. After a brief period with Schlumberger Oilfield Services in Peru, John returned to Ireland to take up a position with Teradyne Connection Systems, before joining Timoney Technology as a mechanical design engineer, where he specialised in the design and development of Hydropneumatic Suspension Systems for specialty off road vehicles. In this role he also gained considerable experience with computer aided engineering techniques such as Finite Element Analysis and Vehicle Multi-body Dynamic Analysis. John was appointed engineering manager with Timoney Technology and took over full technical responsibility for all engineering projects and products. Projects of note include the DARPA Unmanned Ground Combat Vehicle, the USMC Gladiator Tactical Unmanned Vehicle and the Timoney ADT Independent Suspension Axle System manufactured under licence by Terex Equipment Ltd. John was also involved with the Ginaf Rally Power and DeRooy race teams for the 2007 Dakar Rally and has numerous automotive suspension patents filed […]

Understanding E-scooters – the Risks and the Law

E-scooters are now a common sight in the UK, particularly around cities and urban areas. A convenient micro-mobility solution, a scourge on the roads, or something in-between – opinions on their place in the transport hierarchy varies.

Gavin Dunn Featured in FOIL Magazine

legislation and laws for use of escooter.

Hawkins is delighted to announce that Gavin Dunn’s article on electric scooters, discussing the risks and the laws surrounding them, will be featured in the FOIL magazine.