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Flooding & Hydrology

Flooding is the most significant disaster risk in the UK. Flooding is estimated to cost the economy about £1 billion per year and 5.2 million homes are at significant risk of flooding.

More frequent, more intense storms resulting from both climate change and inappropriate developments in floodplains will put more people and property at risk in the future, as well as increase the impact of flooding.  It is projected that the annual cost of flooding could be up to four times higher by the end of the century.


Our expert hydrologists, hydraulic modellers and civil engineers have years of experience identifying the cause(s) of complex flooding incidents.

We can:


We can investigate and identify causes of flooding from rivers, sea, surface water, groundwater and artificial sources, such as surcharging of urban drainage systems, foul sewers, water main bursts, reservoir failure etc.

Flooding is not always a ‘natural disaster’.  In many cases we have shown flooding to be the result of actions/inactions of third parties.  On the other side of the coin, a recent example of how our evidence assisted in defending a misguided third-party claim can be found in the judgement of Tayton and Tayton -v- (1) Warwickshire County Council and (2) Rugby Borough Council.

As part of our investigation and expert evidence, we consider a range of technical aspects such as:

We can also provide advice to reduce the risk of future flooding, for example upgrading drainage systems, installing flood defences or using Property Flood Resilience measures.

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