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3D Photogrammetric Modelling

Photogrammetric modelling is the process of using 2D still photographs of an object or terrain to reconstruct a 3D model through a process of recording, measuring and interpreting imagery derived from non-contact sensor systems.

The process involves many complex calculations and using advanced mathematical models that are used in the field of computer vision. Essential intrinsic parameters such as the focal length and the aperture are extracted from the photograph’s metadata which enables an accurate photogrammetric reconstruction.

Generally, an ordered sequence of photographs with significant overlap of common features of the object would result in a more precise 3D reconstruction.


Some example models that Hawkins can provide are shown below:


Our photogrammetric modelling service covers a wide range of disciplines such as personal injury, road traffic collisions, fire, and escapes of water.

Due to its non-intrusive and non-contact methods, photogrammetric modelling can be extremely beneficial in determining the physical measurements of delicate subjects. Hawkins have robust safeguards in place that ensures our photogrammetric models of retained exhibits are of the highest quality for evidence preservation purposes. This is extremely vital if the exhibit is going to undergo a destructive examination where permanent tampering could severely affect the overriding duty to the Courts. Hawkins can offer you this piece of mind as we handle delicate exhibits with care and attention.




If requested, our experts can provide 3D models of retained exhibits up to the sizes of a small tumble dryer. For 3D models of scenes, Hawkins have many A2CofC certified drone pilots that have experience in performing photogrammetric surveys of high-risk areas.



Hawkins provides photogrammetric models to clients through an encrypted 3D Viewport which enables independent interactions with the clients and ensures that any data shared is secure and confidential. We can also annotate our models to cross-reference with our reports and aid communication of our expert’s analysis to the clients.

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