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Video Analysis

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems and portable video recording devices are ubiquitous. Video recordings can provide definite and compelling evidence, often entirely in isolation.


“The camera cannot lie, but it can be an accessory to untruth.”

The analysis of a video recording is similar to the analysis of other data from any other type of monitoring system, but there are particular considerations relevant to video:

They can therefore be heavily scrutinised by anyone, and readily misinterpreted if not analysed forensically.  An un-analysed video in isolation is not a unit of measure.

whereby the devices from which the evidence is obtained were not intended to capture the beginnings of a fire, escape of water, personal injury or road traffic collision.

Extensive engineering goes into designing data acquisition systems that are intended to monitor engineering parameters such as speed.  Such data acquisition systems are objective focussed; parameters such as the sensor’s position, sensitivity, accuracy and precision are selected or optimised based on careful consideration of the anticipated response that is intended to be monitored.  Video is almost never the preferred primary method of data acquisition in engineering applications.

An innate understanding of the fundamental principles associated with the examination, comparison and evaluation of video recordings is required if the conclusions derived from the video recording are to provide credible scientific evidence.  Where required, our fluency in forensic photogrammetry can be applied to underpin the interpretation of important details in videos.

Examples of Typical cases

Video analysis is applicable to all aspects of our incident investigation.  Video evidence frequently provides the principal evidence in road traffic collisions, personal injuries and the investigation of fraudulent or deliberately ‘staged’ claims. 

Our experts in Collision Reconstruction are all trained to analyse video recordings, with some specialising in particular in collision reconstruction involving video recordings.

Whether you require assistance with basic video clarification and enhancement (an indexed and annotated bundle of frames) or a full forensic analysis (detailed analysis of positions, speeds and times), please fill out our enquiry form or give us a call for a free consultation. 

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