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Fire & Explosions

At the heart of fire and explosion investigations is the interpretation of patterns of fire damage, and the consideration of other physical evidence. Hawkins’ investigators are highly experienced in piecing together the varied aspects of physical evidence to uncover the seat or seats of a fire.

In most investigations, we start by obtaining witness evidence. Consideration of such evidence is the first step in establishing a narrative of events, and often important in determining policy liability.

Our Fire & Explosions expertise

Building Fires

Fires occurring within buildings will often result in significant damage to both the structure and contents. Even a small fire within a building can result in a significant claim, partly due to the increasing cost materials and


Whilst explosions are far rarer than fires and fluid leaks, the consequences can often be far reaching, with a significant risk of serious or fatal injury. Recent UK Government statistics suggest an increase in the number of

Fire Modelling

Fire and explosion models have long found use in risk analysis to help to understand the consequences of fire or explosion events. The same modelling tools can augment our investigative work, providing insights into the factors

Fire Stop & Spread

The spread of a fire within a building, or to an adjacent property, can have a significant impact on the safety of occupants and on the financial implications – both in terms of the remediation of the property and loss of

Marine Fires

Fire investigation is one of our core competencies and our investigators are experienced in dealing with a wide variety of incidents, ranging from small accommodation fires to major engine room fires to cargo fires and

Vehicle, Plant & Machinery Fires

Vehicle, Plant and Machinery share common operational systems such as internal combustion engines, hydraulic, cooling and lubrication systems, as well as electronic control systems to ensure safe operation of

White Goods Appliance Fires

Given the number of white goods typically found in the domestic environment, it is little wonder that many domestic fires are attributed to white goods.

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Why Hawkins?

Hawkins is an industry leader with proven expertise and practical experience, married with a real awareness of our clients’ needs.  

Rapid Response

  • 24/7 availability
  • Early site visit
  • Prompt reporting

Quality Service

  • A specialist team of forensic engineers and scientists
  • Proven expertise and practical experience together with a rigorous peer review system

Breadth & Depth

  • Over 120 impartial experts across an international network of offices
  • Over 60 different areas of specialism

Commercial Awareness

  • A range of services to suit your needs
  • Combining successful outcomes with cost sensitivity

“Clients come back to Hawkins because of our honesty and integrity.  Our subject matter experts have sound technical knowledge and expertise, married with a real commercial awareness of what our clients need.  Hawkins provides a rapid response, giving quick accurate advice and communication of the evidence in a way our clients can act upon.”

Dr Andrew Prickett, Managing Director, Hawkins