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Claire Mann

Principal Associate
Investigator Dr Claire Mann

Claire carried out her first Masters Degree at Oxford University, where she remained to complete a DPhil at the Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory, working in collaboration with the Process Development Group of Syngenta. Claire then went on to pursue her interest in forensic science and studied for the Master of Forensic Science Degree at Kings College, London. During this time, Claire worked at the Forensic Explosives Laboratory and developed a GC/FTIR method for the analysis of explosives.

Since joining Hawkins in 2006, Claire has specialised in the investigation of causes of fires and explosions. These cases have varied greatly in scale from relatively small domestic incidents to large commercial fires. Claire has also lent her chemistry background to the contamination team at Hawkins, where she has carried out post-fire, post-flood and post-chemical spill contamination investigations throughout the world. This work involves determining the effects of contaminants on buildings, production equipment, complex computer systems and products, including food stuffs and pharmaceuticals, and providing advice on the long term effects of the contaminants and best remediation techniques for recovery.

During her time at Hawkins, Claire successfully completed the BOHS course for surveying buildings for asbestos and has since carried out asbestos contamination surveys following various incidents in the UK and Europe.

Claire is experienced in the legal process and has been involved in providing independent advice in the form of written evidence in civil cases relating to fire investigation and contamination work, as well as giving oral evidence in court.

Claire is currently a Principal Associate based in the London office.


MChem Oxford University – Worcester College
DPhil Physical and Theoretical Chemistry – Worcester College
MSc Forensic Science – Kings College London

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