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Iain Woodward

Principal Associate
Investigator Iain Woodward

Iain left Durham University in 2001 after completing his PhD research into modification of polymeric surfaces using cold plasma technologies. As part of his PhD research Iain also carried out research sponsored by Pirelli into improving the adhesion of polymeric tyre cord to rubber.

In 2001 Iain joined Molecular Profiles, a scientific consultancy offering expertise to the polymer and pharmaceutical industries. Here Iain conducted short term research and analysis of failures and characterisation of production line and developing products. The majority of the work involved the use of surface analysis techniques, including microscopy (AFM, SEM and TEM), and surface sensitive characterisation techniques (XPS and SIMS).

In 2003 Iain joined Hawkins as an Associate based in the Manchester office. Iain specialises in the investigation of fires and explosions, but has also investigated cases of polymeric failure drawing upon his previous research experience.

In 2005 Iain moved to Leeds to open a new Hawkins office. He became Senior Associate in 2006 and a Principal Associate in 2013.

Iain has investigated over 250 fires and explosions. He has provided numerous written reports for Court and has given expert evidence at County Court. Iain is listed as an expert in the Expert Witness Directory.


BSc (Hons) Chemistry – Durham University
PhD Chemistry – Durham University

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In the course of our conversation he told me how impressed he is with your investigations into two cases he is handling. Graeme is a proper old school loss adjuster with high expectations which you seem to have met.

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