No matter how careful you are, sometimes things go wrong and that is when you need to know exactly what happened.

Only by establishing the facts clearly and precisely can you make an informed decision on the best way to recover from an accident or failure and to stop it happening again. This is where Hawkins can help.  We understand that you need to get your business up and running again quickly.

Hawkins has been carrying out forensic engineering investigations for over thirty years. We have over 70 forensic scientists, including 40 engineers located in eight offices within the UK and our Dubai office. Many of our investigations are international.

Our services are used by:

  • Risk Managers
  • Insurance Managers
  • Claims Managers
  • Lawyers
  • Loss Adjusters

In particular, our services are invaluable for clients:

  • Who self-insure
  • Have large deductibles
  • Are concerned about product recalls
  • Have process problems.

We offer:

  • A rapid response
  • An early verbal report from site
  • Rapid written appraisals - usually within 72 hours of a site visit
  • Free telephone advice - if you are not sure if we can help or not please phone us (see Contact).

We understand that you need to get your business up and running again quickly.

Contact Us

If you are seeking a career in forensic consultancy, email us at [email protected] and attach your CV together with a summary of your area of experise, experience, and what you can bring to the team.

Submitting this contact form will enter your details into our contacts database and we will reply to your request as soon as possible. We will also retain your details so we may contact you from time to time. You can ask us to remove your details at any time. For details, see our Privacy Notice.