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Celebrating 10 years with Hawkins

JW 10YRS News Image

We would like to congratulate James Wade, who has reached a significant milestone of 10 years with Hawkins. James joined Hawkins as the tenth investigator in our Reigate office in January 2014, where his first case was to investigate a defective engine valve, which was quickly followed by a bus fire.


JW second case as an expert
James’ second case early in his Hawkins career

However, it was James’ third case that put him on the path to success in the world of road traffic accident (RTA) investigation. Heading to North Wales under the guidance of Damian Mutch, James investigated an incident involving a Ford ST and an Aprilia RSV 100. The case kickstarted a a successful career in the world of RTA seeing James travel all over the country, clocking up nearly 100,000 business miles.

Some of JW's investigation locations
Some of the locations James has travelled to provide expert advice in RTA Investigations.

James quickly got into the swing of RTA investigations with 10 in his first year and having since progressed to a Principal Associate he has now carried out over 400 cases.

As part of his continuing professional development James has been trained in the use of the Bosch CDR (Crash Data Receiver) tool which can be used to download crash data from some modern vehicles. This data can include information on vehicle speeds, brake and steering application, impact direction and severity, occupancy, airbag deployment and seatbelt usage. All of which can assist in the reconstruction of road traffic collisions.

James is also proficient in the use of both tripod-based and hand-held laser scanners for recording collision locations and the internal and external shapes of damaged vehicles allowing detailed analysis.

Well done, James. Here’s to another successful 10 years at Hawkins.

You can find out more about how James and the RTA team can help you on our website. If you have a specific incident that you would like to discuss, please get in touch for a free consultation.

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