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Dr Andrew Moncrieff Presents at Marine Insurance Greece

Dr Andrew Moncrieff presenting at Marine Insurance Greece 2024

Hawkins was delighted to sponsor Marine Insurance Greece 2024 and accept an invitation for Dr Andrew Moncrieff to share his expertise on climate change.

Andrew’s presentation, Climate Variability, looks at the manner in which the climate has changed over millions of years, in order to put the current challenges that we face into context. He discussed how anthropogenic (man-made) climate change presents a huge challenge for humanity, and the wider context for variations in the Earth’s climate, including how quickly it can change, whether we can fix things by emitting less CO2, and the implications for marine traffic, particularly in the Arctic.

Andrew began his post-graduate academic career studying the rocks and sediment left behind in East Greenland and other parts of the Arctic by one of the world’s deepest-ever glaciations. After achieving his doctorate, he joined the British Antarctic Survey completing two field seasons in the mountains of Alexander Island on the Antarctic Peninsula. These studies left him with a lifelong interest in climate change. He joined Hawkins in 1992 where he trained in the investigation of fires and explosions, disciplines he has worked in ever since.

Andrew introduced Hawkins to forensic geology and carries out a small, but significant number of related investigations including, the deterioration of natural building materials, failures in quarries and mines, and the use of rocks and soil in the identification of fraud. He has also conducted numerous geological investigations into serious, high-profile crimes.

If you would like Andrew or another Hawkins expert to present to your organisation, or to undertake an investigation, please get in touch.


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