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Hawkins’ Busy October

Graeme Drysdale

Business Development Manager

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Alex Chambers

Principal Associate

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After months of working from home, it was a very pleasant change of pace for the Hawkins’ Marketing Team and some of our forensic investigators, to attend traditional, in-person events during the month of October. Over the past three weeks, we have sent delegates and exhibitors to the Airmic Conference in Brighton, the London Market Claims Conference, and the CILA Conference in Coventry, which provided excellent opportunities to finally see familiar faces and meet new people in our industry.

We started at the Airmic Conference on 5th and 6th October, where our Marketing Specialists (Jodie Oddy and Stephanie Feeley), Marketing Manager (Nicola Fallowfield-Smith), Business Development Manager (Graeme Drysdale) and Finance Director (Alex Chambers) exhibited at the Brighton Centre and spoke to people from all sectors of the risk management industry. Hawkins’ new virtual escape room game both stumped and delighted delegates who were able to test their investigative skills when visiting the stand.

Graeme Drysdale exhibited the following week at the London Market Claims Conference near our very own London Office. Graeme will also be attending the ‘I Love Claims’ Conference in Coventry on 11th November.

Hawkins’ Marketing team rounded out the month with a trip to the University of Warwick for the annual CILA Conference. Hawkins not only sponsors the annual evening drinks reception, but also provided a speaker this year. Electrical Engineer Marie Emerson gave an interesting presentation on the advancements in robotic technologies entitled: The Humans Made Us Do It.

As robots are used more and more in industries like logistics, construction, manufacturing and defence, Marie gave the warning that just because a technology is available, doesn’t mean that it will necessarily be adopted quickly into our society. However, robots will become more commonplace wherever a job is too, ‘dull, dirty or dangerous’ for a human to take on. One of her hopes, is that these advancements in technology help to provide mechanical solutions to some of the issues that an aging population faces, and aid in tackling the care crisis by prolonging the amount of time an individual may be able to live independently. It was not only fascinating to see robots that integrate into our kitchens, learn recipes and cook our meals, but also to speculate on how claims involving such machines may be handled in future. If you are interested in learning more about Marie’s talk and how Hawkins can assist with training on a variety of topics, please contact us.

Hawkins looks forward to meeting more clients at upcoming offline events in November, especially in the Marine and Energy sectors. Make sure you keep an eye on our website for the latest updates on where we will be exhibiting or presenting next.

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