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Hawkins Joins Virtual Shine Balloon Race

Shine, a charity funded almost entirely by the generosity of the public, works to support people of all ages living with spina bifida and hydrocephalus. Shine also works with doctors, antenatal clinics, midwives, and other health professionals before birth to promote education and awareness about these conditions.

Jo Sears of Hawkins’ Cambridge Office says, “I have worked for Hawkins for 20 years in October, and I believe the company has been sponsoring the balloon races since before I started. It’s great to have this longstanding commitment with such a fantastic charity.”

However, recent Shine balloon races have become virtual due to the environmental impact that would be caused by launching thousands of real balloons across the UK. The interactive online race featured a virtual map showing the distances each balloon had travelled, a leaderboard, and a winner at the end of the race.

The balloons were launched on 29th April and floated until 6th May. Hawkins sponsored five balloons that floated into 190th, 537th, 735th, 738th, 949th places out of the 1,750 balloons that were released. We are pleased to continue our support of this exceptional charity, and have enjoyed watching our balloons on the map throughout the week.

Hawkins would like to congratulate Alywns Chartered Accountants on placing first, and of course Shine on all of the funds they have raised and services that they provide the spina bifida and hydrocephalus communities.

If you or your organisation would like to take part, visit Shine and purchase a balloon for their next race beginning 20th May.

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