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Hawkins Welcomes Mechanical Engineer Gavin Dunn

Engineering / Road traffic Collisions

This month Hawkins welcomes mechanical engineer Gavin Dunn to our Glasgow Office.

Having gained a first-class MEng degree in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering from Queen’s University Belfast (QUB), Gavin started his career by taking on the role of Knowledge Transfer Partnership Associate with QUB and John Huddleston Engineering. During this time, he developed the use of CATIA computer aided design software across the business to manufacture 5-axis precision machined aerospace parts, before accepting a position with John Huddleston Engineering as an Engineer. In this role Gavin programmed 5-axis machining centres, designed tooling and jigs, and ensured a consistent production of complex precision aerospace parts was maintained.

In 2010, Gavin joined Forensic Science Northern Ireland as a Forensic Engineer in the Road Traffic Collisions (RTC) team. In this role, Gavin attended serious and fatal road traffic collision scenes across Northern Ireland often in the immediate aftermath while the road remained closed by police. Gavin was responsible for the forensic reconstruction of collisions from the scene through to the court room. He conducted examinations, tests, and analyses to determine the circumstances of each collision as fully as possible, many of which were high profile cases. He routinely advised investigation teams on forensic strategy, provided direction to other scientific staff, and liaised with external technical contacts. Gavin also enjoyed training and mentoring colleagues, as well as representing the RTC team on matters relating to quality management and external accreditation.

Gavin is familiar with the full spectrum of collision types from pedestrians to HGVs, and he holds driving licence categories from motorcycles to articulated lorries. He is experienced in analysing information from various sources such as digital tachograph systems, event data recorders, and CCTV footage. He is also skilled in the examination of components from vehicles, including light bulbs and wheel assemblies. He has appeared as an expert witness in numerous Magistrates, Crown and High Courts – as well as at many Coroners’ Inquests – and has served a range of customers including the police, other public bodies and solicitors.

Gavin will be a great asset to our road traffic collision investigation team.

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