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Hawkins Wishes Founder, Roy Hawkins, a Very Happy Retirement

Roy Hawkins founder of Hawkins

Dr Roy Hawkins officially retires from Hawkins & Associates today, 28 February 2022, after 42 years of dedication to the company he founded.

Since 1st October 1980, Roy Hawkins has worked hard to make Hawkins & Associates the leader in forensic investigation that we are today.

Roy originally established R B Hawkins & Associates Limited to provide consulting scientist/engineering services particularly to the Insurance and Legal professions. He served as our Managing Director from the company’s inception until the year 2000, when Roy stepped down from the post to become a Consultant. By this time, Hawkins & Associates had grown from one to four offices and employed some twenty investigators. Now we have eight UK offices, as well as offices in Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong, with over one hundred forensic engineers, scientists and architects investigating and consulting for the firm.

Investigations carried out by Roy have included:

Andrew Muston, who has spent 19 years on the Hawkins Board, including as Chairman, has this to say about working with Roy over the years:

“Apart from simply setting up the business, Roy set the tone, the attitude and approach. There was a strong ethos of building up from the physical evidence, rather than relying simply on what one was told by a witness. This was coupled with a careful, methodical examination of documents and other evidence to reach conclusions that were built on firm and secure foundations. The quality of the service to clients, including speed of reporting and regular contact, was crucial and really helped make the early breakthroughs into the market, to which Roy added an environment that cared for employees. Yes, employees were expected to perform, but within a supportive and caring overall framework. I hope that many will see these features embedded still within the current firm.”

Everyone at Hawkins would like to acknowledge, thank and celebrate Roy for all he has done. Roy, however, has asked that instead of a party, colleagues make donations (if they wish) to any of three charities he supports: Macmillan Cancer Care, Cancer Research, or Star Children’s Bereavement Support Service in Milton.

Roy Hawkins and his wife Jan at a Hawkins social outing

We know that Roy will continue to serve as a role model for all of our investigators, as well as the community and wish him a very happy retirement.

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