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Nature Recovery Project to Create Places for the Local Wildlife

Bristol office plants new shrubbery

Andy Bryce

Chairman, H&S Director

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Gerald Deshais

Senior Associate

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Paul Willis

Principal Associate

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In a bid to create a more inviting place for local wildlife, forensic experts, Andy Bryce, Gerald Deshais, Paul Willis, Tim Hodson, and Natasha Moore replanted the shrubbery outside our Bristol office. The replanting project was the brainchild of Andy, who was joined by the so-called Merlin House Gardening Club, to create a more welcoming habitat for birds, bees, and other small creatures.

A keen advocate for creating spaces for wildlife, Andy has long been involved in similar projects at his home, so when the team moved into Merlin House, he saw an opportunity to put his passion into practice at work.

Most of the existing shrubs were non-native species that are commonly found in industrial estates and were therefore not particularly inviting to local wildlife, so the project began with clearing out old, overgrown vegetation and dead trees. Once the site had been cleared, the team set to work on replanting the area with wildlife-friendly plants.

Image of Hawkins Investigators planting shrubbery at the Bristol office
The Merlin House Gardening Club in action, planting 20 metres of RSPB-approved hedgerow

One of the key elements of the replanting project was the replacement of the old pyracantha hedge with a new RSPB-approved Super Hedge. Made up of ten species, the new hedge is designed to be a bird-friendly habitat that will attract various species. The team plans to plant a variety of other wildlife-friendly native plants including hazels, fruit trees, and a selection of flowering plants that are known to attract pollinators. There will also be a small vegetable plot and fruit garden, with a plan to install as many water butts as possible around the building.

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