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Storm or No Storm & Cleaning Up

Built Environment
Damaged house following a storm, with exposed beams and fallen brickwork

Since November last year, the UK has been battered by a succession of storms — Arwen, Barra, Corrie, Dudley, Eunice, Franklin and most recently Gladys. These significant weather events produce huge volumes of high-value, complex claims resulting from wind damage, flooding and the resultant contamination of property.

Hawkins has a large Built Environment Team including Civil & Structural Engineers, Architects and Hydrologists who can assist insurers and loss adjusters with storm events. Our team can verify whether the proximate cause of the damage was the operation of an insured peril, or whether the underlying cause was uninsured — for example, wear and tear, lack of maintenance, a design defect or defective workmanship. We can also identify whether the claim was genuine, since claims may be submitted by unscrupulous parties hoping to benefit from pressure upon insurers to settle claims quickly.

In addition, our Contamination Team can assist you with advice on damage mitigation when water and pollutants affect buildings, plant and machinery.

Hawkins is always happy to provide clients with free advice regarding the best way to proceed. Please email any enquiries to [email protected] or telephone us on 0207 481 4897.

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