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Raymond Marr

Profile picture of Ray Marr

Ray is experienced in acoustic calculations, measurements and acoustic study in HVAC design for architects and construction companies to identify potential issues and help design solutions which create a comfortable and safe environment.

Christina Higgins

Investigator Christina Higgins

Christina Higgins – Engineer, researcher, musician. With expertise in acoustics and a decade’s experience, she innovates in indoor air quality measurement. Skilled in building acoustics, noise assessment, and environmental analysis, her passion drives healthier spaces.

Tony Stacey

Investigator Tony Stacey

Tony brings with him a wealth of knowledge of the Speech Transmission Index (STI) method for assessing speech intelligibility and has published papers addressing the STI-PA (Public Address) measurement system, as well as the problems associated with the diverse ways that a space can be classified as passing or failing the intelligibility targets of different standards.

Henry Stead

Investigator Henry Stead

Henry holds a Masters of Engineering degree (MEng) from the University of Southampton and is an associate member of the Institute of Acoustics (AMIOA).

Rosalind Lambert-Porter

Rosalind is an acoustics consultant with degrees in both Audiology and Acoustics. With consulting experience in the United Kingdom, Africa and Australia, she has had a varied career in different sectors from vibration monitoring in mining and creation of hearing conservation programmes through to environmental noise impact and school acoustics design. Her particular area of interest, given her background in both hearing science and noise control, is in acoustics in the workplace with a focus on the impact of noise on wellbeing. Ros held the post of Regional Manager in our Cambridge Office before becoming Managing Director of Hawkins Acoustics Consultancy.