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Jason Atkinson

Headshot of investigator Jason Atkinson

Jason, an Intel scholar, graduated from University College Dublin in 2018 top of his class with a 1st Class Honours Masters of Material Science and Engineering.

Albert Richardson

Albert Richardson Profile Image

Albert is an Electrical and Rotating Machines Engineer with over three decades of experience in the field. He is recognized for his expertise in generators and high-voltage (HV) motors, primarily focusing on power generation and distribution.

Divyeruthra Muniandy

Divyeruthra Muniandy Website Picture

Divyeruthra holds a first-class Mechanical Engineering degree with accolades from University Technology Petronas. Divye worked as a Material and Mechanical Integrity Engineer at Exxonmobil before joining Hawkins in 2023. Her Divye’s expertise lies within the domain of integrity management, material degradation, process degradation, troubleshooting, inspection, and maintenance in the oil and gas industry.

Benedict Barron

Investigator Ben Barron

Originally from London, Ben undertook a Master’s degree in Chemistry at the University of Bristol and was awarded first degree honours. This was followed by the completion of a PhD in Chemistry hosted internationally between Imperial College, London, and the University of Hong Kong. This work focussed on asymmetric Michael type reactions and methodologies in organic chemistry. On completion of his PhD, Ben joined a contract research organisation, Domainex, as a synthetic chemist and worked here for just under two years. After this, he moved to GSK and spent 4 years working as a process chemist. Here he worked on route optimisation and scale up activities for multiple pharmaceutical assets, supporting large scale (up to 70 kg) manufacturing campaigns. Additionally, he took an interest in safety roles within the process chemistry department, gaining valuable insight into safety management, matrices and procedure in a pharmaceutical environment. This ranged from Gemba and Management Monitoring activities, conduction and review of genotoxic risk assessments and volunteering asa first responder to chemical incidences and emergencies.

David Edwards

David Edwards website picture

David started his career in 2005, with as a professional trainee at MITIE Engineering in London.

Russ Smith

Investigator Russ Smith

After graduating, Russ was employed by the Avon & Somerset Constabulary as a Scenes of Crime Officer engaged in the forensic examination of crime scenes, including fires. In 1998 he joined the Avon & Somerset Scientific Support Fire Investigation Team specialising in arson cases. In 2000 he was promoted to Team Leader Scenes of Crime Officer, with responsibility for the coordination of the Constabulary’s response to vehicle crime, while continuing to play an active role in fire investigation. He has lectured to Police Officers, Fire Brigade personnel and Scenes of Crime Officers on subjects including the identification and preservation of evidence, scientific analysis of exhibits and the influence of DNA on crime scene examination. In 2002 Russ joined Dr J H Burgoyne & Partners LLP as a Consulting Scientist specialising in the investigation of fires and explosions. He was responsible for investigating a diverse range of incidents including small fires in domestic properties, large fires in restaurants, commercial buildings and vehicle fires. In 2005 Russ joined Hawkins, where he continues to carry out fire investigations. He is also frequently asked to provide expert assistance in criminal cases. He was Regional Manager of the Bristol Office for many years, and currently […]

Robert Edwards

Investigator Dr Robert Edwards

After completing a Post Doctoral Research Fellowship, Robert joined Liverpool John Moores University as a Lecturer and then Senior Lecturer in Environmental Chemistry. Here he developed a successful research programme in environmental chemistry and environmental analysis, publishing numerous papers in scientific journals and books and presenting research work at many national and international conferences. Robert has lectured extensively on analytical, environmental and corrosion chemistry. He was the course leader for the University’s MSc Analytical Chemistry course and was an assessor for the Higher Education Funding Council (Wales). Robert also gave annual lecture courses and workshops in Universities in Thailand, where he was a visiting lecturer. Since joining Hawkins in 2001, Robert has specialised in post-fire, post-flood and post-chemical spill contamination investigations throughout the world. This work involves determining the effects of contaminants on buildings, production equipment, complex computer systems and products, including food stuffs, and providing advice on the long term effects of the contaminants and best remediation techniques for recovery. During his time at Hawkins, Robert successfully completed the BOHS course for surveying buildings for asbestos and has since carried out asbestos contamination surveys following various incidents in the UK and Europe. Robert has also conducted many forensic fire […]

Ian Giddings

Ian Giddings website profile picture

Ian gained sponsorship for his degree from GEC Satchwell Control Systems. Whilst studying for his degree he also undertook periods of formal training with Satchwell in their Electromechanical Section, Technical Laboratory and the London North Office. After obtaining his degree with honours, Ian worked as a design engineer for Satchwell. Ian utilised his knowledge of mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering to take a number of projects from concept to manufacture. These projects included the design of microprocessor based control systems, valve actuators and gearboxes. He was also responsible for project planning and the ISO 9001 documentation for each of his designs. In 1999 Ian joined Dr J H Burgoyne & Partners LLP as a Consulting Engineer, where he specialised in the forensic investigation of fires, explosions and engineering incidents. Ian conducted around 400 investigations and was appointed on several occasions to present expert evidence in accordance with Part 35 of the CPR and also for criminal proceedings. In 2006 Ian joined Hawkins’ office in Reigate, Surrey where he continues to carry out forensic investigations of fires, explosions and engineering incidents. Ian has conducted a wide range of investigations including fires in domestic, commercial and industrial premises, fires in domestic appliances, […]

Andy Bryce

Investigator Andy Bryce

Andrew’s career in forensic engineering began while carrying out an undergraduate placement at the Royal Aircraft Establishment, analysing the cause of aircraft component failures for the Air Accident Investigation Branch. Following his Masters Degree he joined Rolls Royce plc, Military Engine Division in 1988 where he was trained in the forensic investigation of engine failures for both in-service and development engines. Other areas of responsibility included carrying out in-service turbine component condition assessments and writing quality standards. Andrew resigned from Rolls Royce at Senior Scientist grade and joined Hawkins in 1991. Since joining Hawkins, Andrew has carried out over 1700 forensic investigations involving engineering, fire and explosion incidents both in the United Kingdom and overseas. These cases have covered a great range, from small domestic incidents to multi-million pound losses in shops, warehouses, factories, power stations (gas turbines & compressors), aerospace and marine. Andrew is experienced in the legal process and has given evidence in the capacity of an expert witness in Magistrates’ Courts, County Courts, High Courts, Crown Courts, Coroner’s Courts, mediations and arbitrations on numerous occasions. He is listed as an expert in the Expert Witness Directory. Andrew is currently a Director of Hawkins and based in the […]

Andrew Prickett

Investigator Dr Andrew Prickett

As part of his first degree Andrew worked for Alusuisse, Switzerland analysing production methods of lithographic alloys and for the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency on new materials for aerospace applications. His career in failure investigation began while carrying out his PhD, which was an investigation to determine the failure characteristics of fibre reinforced composite materials using fracture mechanics and surface analytical techniques, that was sponsored by BAE Systems. After completing his PhD, Andrew continued his interest in failure investigation by undertaking a post-graduate research project for Thames Water on the failure modes of cast iron trunk mains systems.In 2001 Andrew joined Hawkins, specialising in the investigation of materials failures, escapes of water, fires and explosions. He has investigated a wide range of failures in plastic, ceramic, metal and composite materials. He also uses his engineering knowledge and experience of the processes required for a forensic investigation to determine the causes of fires in residential, commercial and industrial premises.Andrew is experienced in the legal process; he is frequently appointed as a Single Joint Expert and has given evidence in the capacity of an expert witness in Magistrates’ and Crown Courts. In 2022, Andrew was promoted to Managing Director and is […]