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Nico Zurcher

Prior to becoming an investigator, Nico worked in a international environmental consultancy where he was involved in a number of major government marine projects in Hong Kong, as well as oil and gas, and mining projects around Asia. In 2011 he joined HFS-Asia in Hong Kong, where he worked as a fire investigator and consulting scientist. In 2015, Nico moved to London where he joined Hawkins to bolster our growing International and Shipping Incidents team. He continued investigating a broad range of land-based and marine incidents, both in the UK and internationally. He was also a member of our contamination team, taking on cases in the UK and Europe. Hawkins acquired HFS-Asia in 2016 and in 2020 Nico returned to Hong Kong to head the office he helped to build several years earlier. Nico has investigated several fires in large industrial plants, as well as in commercial and residential premises. On the marine side, he has investigated major fires on container and general cargo vessels. He has worked on numerous cases of bulk cargo spoilage, involving grains, oil seeds and seedcake. Nico has also worked on cases involving the carriage and storage of mixed chemical cargoes, and the contamination of […]

Lithium-ion Batteries

Burnt Out Lithium-ion Batteries

Hawkins’ forensic expert and Singapore Regional Director, Dr David Rose will be presenting an online educational seminar discussing risks associated with Lithium-ion batteries from a forensic investigation perspective, including a number of case studies.

Hawkins Winter Events Round-Up

Hawkins Winter Events Round Up news Image

Hawkins attended over 70 different conferences, seminars and social gatherings, we welcomed 17 new experts to the business, and we hosted our annual winter receptions in London, Dubai, Singapore, and Hong Kong, allowing us to spend time with clients in person.

Hawkins Webinars: The Bristol Series

Hawkins Bristol Webinar Series

For our latest series of webinars, our experts from the Bristol office have come together to create a series of presentations ranging from deliberate fire setting to the failure of push-fit fittings. Find out more about each webinar below and click the button to register. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER Hybrid Concrete Frame Design Presented by Tim HodsonThursday 26th October 2023 at 9.30am BST Tim will provide an introduction into hybrid concrete construction (HCC). He will discuss the various hybrid solutions, then focus on the design of twin-wall and precast columns, along with some of the challenges they can bring. Chariots on Fire: Common Causes of Vehicle Fires Presented by Luke CollinsThursday 2nd November 2023 at 9.30am GMT Luke will be discussing vehicle fires which involve combustible fluids and materials, as well as other causes such as mechanical failure, electrical faults and frictional heating. Push-fit Fittings & Statistical Analysis Presented by Gerald DeshaisThursday 9th November 2023 at 9.30am GMT Gerald will discuss examples where Hawkins has investigated escapes of water caused by a fault in a push-fit fitting, and how laboratory inspection can be conducted to generate data that allows us to compare the characteristics of exhibit and exemplar fittings, in order […]