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Vehicle Crashworthiness & Restraint Systems

Crash test dummy hitting air bag inside car

Road Traffic Collision Investigator, Ross Clarke provides a general overview of the development of vehicle safety. This will cover the principles of vehicle structural design and how that has evolved over time and in different marketplaces, to the optimisation of modern occupant restraint systems.

Body Protection for the Motorcycle & Bicycle Rider

A man riding a motorcycle on a busy road with a passenger who is wearing a plastic bucket as a helmet

John Camplin provides a review of the expected performance of helmets, boots and clothing during road traffic collisions. He also discusses what we can establish about the benefit of protective equipment from post-collision evidence.

The Hawkins Dublin Launch Reception

Lennan's Yard, Dublin

Hawkins are delighted to invite clients and colleagues to our Drinks Reception celebrating the launch of our Dublin office. The reception will be held at Lennan’s Yard on Thursday, June 6th 2024 from 5:00 pm.

Scaffolding: Collapses and Falls

Picture of building site with scaffolding

Work at height, including the erection of scaffolding, is a hazardous activity, and regrettably, injuries occur during scaffolding work. To provide guidance in preventing this, the NASC issued a pocket booklet, with the current (as of 2022) version being titled ‘SG4:22 Preventing Falls in Scaffolding Operations’.

Stay Safe Whilst Travelling this Winter

Adobe stock image of car on icy road

The Hawkins RTC team investigate hundreds of incidents each year and are no stranger to the dangers of driving in poor weather conditions. Forensic expert Mike Hopwood has drawn on his experience to share some tips to stay safe whilst travelling as temperatures drop.

Raymond Marr

Profile picture of Ray Marr

Ray is experienced in acoustic calculations, measurements and acoustic study in HVAC design for architects and construction companies to identify potential issues and help design solutions which create a comfortable and safe environment.

Hawkins Winter Events Round-Up

Hawkins Winter Events Round Up news Image

Hawkins attended over 70 different conferences, seminars and social gatherings, we welcomed 17 new experts to the business, and we hosted our annual winter receptions in London, Dubai, Singapore, and Hong Kong, allowing us to spend time with clients in person.

Noise & Vibration: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Loudspeaker on a cracked white wall

Ros addresses the many issues that can arise through not considering acoustics, noise and vibration. This covers building failures, nuisance and personal injuries, including specific examples of what issues can arise and how expensive or problematic they can be to resolve.