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Tony Stacey

Principal Acoustics Consultant
Investigator Tony Stacey

Tony has a deep knowledge of the Speech Transmission Index (STI) method for assessing speech intelligibility and has written papers for the Institute of Acoustics and Institute of Sound, Communications & Visual Engineers on this and other electroacoustic subjects. He is also an educator in acoustics and speech intelligibility for engineers within the industry. His published papers address the STI-PA (Public Address) measurement system as well as the problems associated with the diverse ways a space can be classified as passing or failing the intelligibility targets of different standards.

During his 22 years working for AMS Acoustics, Tony developed their measurement methodologies and analysis processes. He was also responsible for the technical advancement of the company and in this role, he took responsibility for the condition of the specialist equipment, including the purpose-built test laboratories. He have assisted most industrial loudspeaker manufacturers with the development of their BS EN 54-24 products.

He is a Council member of the Institute of Sound, Communications and Visual Engineers as well as being the Chair of their Standards Committee, and a member of their Talker Training Group. He is also a member of the British Standards Institute BS 5839-8 – Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Systems for Buildings Committee, assisting them with the sections relating to acoustics and speech intelligibility.

Member of the Institute of Acoustics – MIOA(E)
Fellow of the Institute of Sound, Communications and Visual Engineers – FInstSCVE
Associate Member of the Audio Engineering Society – AMAES


BSc (Hons) Physics – University of North London

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