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Ahmad El Ghor Joins Hawkins’ Built Environment Team

Built Environment

Hawkins is pleased to welcome Civil Engineer Ahmad El Ghor to our Built Environment Team. He is an associate currently based in our London Office. Ahmad is an Associate member of the American Society of Civil Engineering (A.M. ASCE).

After graduating from Beirut Arab University (BAU) in 2014, Ahmad started his civil engineering career as a Research Assistant at the American University of Beirut (AUB). He then pursued further studies at AUB and got his Master’s degree in 2017, followed by a PhD in 2021.

Ahmad’s research focused on the behaviour of steel and steel-concrete composite structures when subjected to fire. His research had both computational and experimental aspects, as well as focused on improving the design standards for structural resistance to fire loads. During both his Master’s and PhD degrees, he collaborated with experts in the field of Structural Fire Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin (UT-Austin). Working with UT-Austin, Ahmad implemented two extensive, experimental elevated temperature testing programs at the Ferguson Structural Engineering Laboratory. As part of his PhD, Ahmad also investigated the time-dependent and post-fire behaviour of welds in steel connections when subjected to fire, as well as took part in other structural fire related research. This mainly focused on the performance of shear-tab connections with composite beams in fire, and both the time-dependent and post-fire behaviour of bolts and bolted steel connections when exposed to fire temperatures.

Ahmad has been published in a number of highly ranked journal and peer-reviewed conference publications. His published research work includes articles in top journals such as: Journal of Constructional Steel Research (Elsevier), Journal of Structural Engineering (ASCE), Journal of Material in Civil Engineering (ASCE), Journal of Structural Fire Engineering (Emerald), Fire Safety Journal (Elsevier), and Fire Technology (Springer). Ahmad’s work has been also presented in prestigious conferences in the United States, such as: Structures in Fire (SiF), Structure Congress (ASCE), and EMI (ASCE).

Ahmad has design experience in steel and steel-concrete composite structures. Ahmad is also fluent in both English and Arabic.

Hawkins is certain that Ahmad will be a great asset to the company.

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