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Hawkins Hosts Spring Reception at Whitworth Gallery in Manchester

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Hawkins Spring Reception in Manchester

Plans are underway for the Hawkins Autumn events, and we look forward to inviting clients from Belfast and London to these upcoming evening receptions. 

For those who have not yet had the opportunity to attend one of our receptions, we share an overview of our recent Spring Reception, held at the Whitworth Gallery in Manchester.

The evening began with presentations from Fire Expert, Dr Iain Woodward, Escapes of Water & Materials Expert, Stephen Brough, Mechanical Engineer, Chris Botham, and Digital Forensics Expert, Callum Hogan.

Iain drew on his wealth of experience to discuss Fire Simulation & Modelling, with Stephen introducing the audience to plumbing investigations, assessing the best practices and common failures. Chris then discussed Camshafts in Modern Car Engines, starting with an explanation of the function of a camshaft, through to common failure modes of modern assembled camshafts. Callum completed the CPD presentations by introducing Hawkins’ Digital Forensic Services.

As the presentations concluded, guests were invited to the South Gallery, where Hawkins experts had set up real-life exhibits from Hawkins’ casework.

Image of guests at Hawkins Spring Reception

Stephen Brough, delivers his presentation on Escapes of Water before joining guests and colleagues for the drinks reception.

There were several exhibits available for clients to examine and test their investigative skills, including a faulty shower unit, where attendees were asked if they could identify what caused it to overheat, and a defective vacuum cleaner, with guests challenged to find out if they could identify which parts had become live to cause an electric shock. Other exhibits included a virtual reality (VR) headset, which demonstrated how Hawkins uses drones and photogrammetry in our  investigations, and an opportunity for guests to test their sense of smell to identify accelerants. Each exhibit encouraged guests to step into the shoes of an investigator and get an insight into how our investigators would typically conduct their investigations.

Digital Forensic and Photogrammetry Expert, Inigo Becket and Marketing Director, Andrew Reeves, showcase the virtual reality exhibition to clients.
Digital Forensic and Photogrammetry Expert, Inigo Becket and Marketing Director, Andrew Reeves, showcase the virtual reality exhibit to clients.

We want to thank our clients and colleagues who attended our Spring Reception at the Whitworth Gallery in Manchester, making it a memorable evening for all.

You can register for any of our upcoming events through the Hawkins website.  If you would like to be notified of future events, please get in touch.

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