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Hawkins Welcomes Chartered Engineer Dr Hugh Martindale

Welcome to the team, Hugh Martindale, Chartered Engineer

Hawkins recently appointed Chartered Engineer Dr Hugh Martindale, as a Senior Associate in our London office.

Hugh has degrees in Architecture and Mechanical Engineering with Business Finance, and a Mechanical Engineering PhD from University College London (UCL) on the behaviour of flexible pipe tensile armour in the region of end fitting. His research interests at UCL included ship-to-shore offshore power generation using stranded gas.

Upon completing his PhD, Hugh became an engineering consultant performing flexible pipe and marine hose failure root analyses. Hugh was then appointed as an Engineering Manager, and developed a mobile pipeline manufacturing system, including site integration testing and, the development of associated corrosion protection systems.

Hugh has experience in oil well BOP (Blowout Preventer) and LMRP (Lower Marine Riser Package) disassembly witnessing, oil and gas subsea equipment manufacturing inspection, recovery of failed subsea flexible pipe samples from the North Sea, and support for flexible pipe and subsea power cable failure analyses and integrity assessments.

Recently, Hugh worked on subsea power cable structural modelling for offshore wind farm applications, developing linear and non-linear analytical models to improve established theory to provide better cable representation for global modelling and improve cable stress analysis.

He has also investigated the thermal performance of cable protection systems to cover situations not yet included in cable rating standards and has been involved in cable lifetime and pipeline stability joint industry projects.

Hawkins welcomes Hugh and his wealth of mechanical engineering knowledge and experience to the business. If you have any questions for either Hugh, or our Power & Energy team, please get in touch.

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