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Hawkins Welcomes Mechanical Engineer Richard Woodward


Hawkins is pleased to welcome Mechanical Engineer Richard Woodward to our Birmingham Office.

Richard completed his EngD qualification in 2017, working alongside Jaguar Land Rover, developing innovative adhesive bonding processes for high volume vehicle assembly. Throughout this work, Richard developed a detailed understanding of material joining techniques, associated test methods and failure mode identification. He also gained experience in the manufacture and testing of fibre ‑reinforced composite materials, as well as establishing an appreciation for the complexities inherent with using such materials.

Prior to this, Richard completed a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering with Business Management at the University of Warwick. This degree brought with it an appreciation of a wide range of engineering principles with a particular focus on mechanical systems.

Richard has also worked for Aston Martin Lagonda, focusing on the development and testing of new material technologies for use on future vehicles. This work primarily included adhesives and fibre reinforced composites, extending as far as material model generation for use with finite element structural analysis techniques. This work included substantial elements of durability assessment, understanding the durability limits of materials prior to failure, as well as investigating the effects of corrosive environments upon various materials and joints.

Richard comes from a background in agriculture, where he spends a lot of his spare time working on his family-run farm. From this work, he has generated an extensive understanding of agricultural equipment, extending to plant and HGV’s. This has given him experience of damage assessment and repair as well as design and fabrication of bespoke equipment.

Hawkins is certain that Richard will be a great asset to the company.

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