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Niralee Casson Elected to The RIBA London Council

Niralee elected to RIBA news image

As you might have seen previously, Forensic Architect Niralee Casson, was running for a seat in the RIBA Council (London) Elections. The Royal Institute of British Architects is the professional membership body which guides the direction architects must take within the UK and was originally designed to help the advancement of architecture.

It is with great pleasure to announce that Niralee has been successfully elected to the council.

The RIBA council is responsible for collecting insights within the profession to decide the strategic direction the organisation will take. The council meets 4 times annually and will be attended by 59 members.

Niralee will now have influence over the direction of RIBA and, can use her experience as a forensic architect to promote awareness regarding common pitfalls that lead to claims, steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of a claim, and learnings from successful claims against architects.

You can read more about Niralee’s election statement and what she plans to do here.

Hawkins would like to congratulate Niralee on her success and we wish her the best of luck as a newly appointed member of the council.

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