Personal Injury

Personal injuries are often traumatic and consequent litigation is becoming more common and complex as court awards increase and injured parties become ever more aware of the compensation that may be available to them.

Hawkins has wide experience in this very broad field relating to accidents at work or at home, as well as in public places or on transport. Our detailed engineering knowledge is invaluable when understanding how an accident occurred.


Examples of recent cases include:

  • Exposure to dust from a paper making process
  • An operator disabling a guard on machinery
  • A defective car seat causing severe cuts to fingers
  • The failure of jetting equipment which injured the operator
  • The collapse of a newly fitted loft ladder whilst in use
  • The explosion of a mobile phone
  • Fatal injuries arising from a process in a pet food factory
  • Alleged carbon monoxide poisoning


While detailed investigation can often determine the precise cause of the accident, on occasion the cause can be very difficult to determine because:

  • Witness statements may conflict or be inaccurate
  • The parties involved may not wish to show themselves in a bad light
  • Accidents by their nature happen very quickly
  • Very often there is more than one contributory factor
  • There can be large amounts of compensation at stake
  • Witnesses can be influenced by the severity of the injuries

We have a good knowledge of policy covers and the information we provide assists clients with decisions on:

  • Possibility of contributory negligence
  • Future risk management

Most of our work in this field centres on establishing the facts so that policy and civil liability can be established. We are independent and impartial and we are instructed by both Claimant and Defendant solicitors and insurers.

We will provide you with information to help you ascertain if your client has a valid claim or is liable for the injury. Was there contributory negligence or is recovery of your outlay a realistic proposition? How do you prove this to the court without the services of an experienced and articulate forensic expert?


In most investigations we start by obtaining witness evidence, usually in the form of statements. Consideration of such evidence is the first step in establishing a narrative of events and determining liability.

The forensic investigator will collect and evaluate all the available physical evidence and this often leads to analysis of failed parts in our laboratories or to contact with the manufacturer of equipment to obtain operating instructions or installation and maintenance manuals.

Liaison with official agencies is often an important part of this type of investigation particularly where there are injuries or fatalities and Hawkins is well versed in handling losses involving the Police, the Fire Brigade and the HSE.

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